Final - Professional Packet (due Nov 29th)

The final Professional Packet is your presentation for a job, gallery, graduate school, etc. It is unlike your portfolio as this includes materials to get a job while your art portfolio is your actual artwork. Final packet is due Nov 29th, but various drafts of the parts will be due throughout the semester. It will consist of:


1.         Statements: Two: One general (the one you created for class) and one specific for a body of work. For the specific statement you can use a variation of the one you will (or would) use for the BFA show.

2.         Artist Biography      

3.         Resume

4.         Cover Letter 

5.         Electronic Portfolio (see below)

6.         Other Visual Material          

Prints, CD, DVD, Demo Reel, Slides in presentation form, depending on your focus.

7.         For Grad School only:  Essay and/or application

8.         Print and CD version of the InDesign document you created with Colin

9.         Optional:  Promotional material such as buttons, stickers, business cards, etc.



Electronic Portfolio:

1)    CD of the inDesign document you created with Colin

2)    Assessment CD

3)    URL(s) for any kind of online presence.  This should at least include your BGSU link, but hopefully will also incorporate additional opportunities that Colin introduced you to.  Put this on the inDesign CD in a document called URL


Assessment CD:


The specifications below are for the Digital Asset Manegment (DAM) system.  The same CD will be used for the BFA show.


The CD will contain 10 images (specifications below), an Excel file, and an optional Quicktime file for time based work.  The Quicktime movie could be a real time screen grab of an interactive work, an animation or video of a linear work, or an installation.  You still need images for time-based work.