Assignment #9

ART 409, Fall 2005



PART I, Reading

Due November 15th



Indiana University Online Copyright Tutorial



1. Go to the following section

Fair-Use Issues

Read the whole article that comes up when you click on łThe Meaning of the Four Factors˛ (Fair-Use: Overview and Meaning for Higher Education)

The fair use checklist is for your reference


Read:  Posting Materials on the Internet


Read:  Overview of copyright permissions


Read Step Two: Is permission required in order to use the work?

Or go directly to: and read łstep two˛


OPTIONAL:  For your reference, we probably wonąt cover this in class


Section:  Copyright Ownership

·      Click on:  How do I become a Copyright owner?  Article is called:  You and Your Copyrights: Securing, Managing, and Sharing the Legal Rights


PART II, Artist Date

Due November 15th


Read about the artist date (p 108 in the packet) then do one.  Turn in a report about your date.  The report can be a description (which must be typed) or a record in sketches and free form thoughts.  If you choose the sketchbook option, turn in a clean copy (not original) and clearly indicate what you did.


PART III, Reminders


Summary of Artist Visit

DUE Nov 22


You are required to attend at least one artist lecture or workshop during the semester and write a summary of the experience.

If you already attended a lecture, write the summary NOW to save you from the crunch at the end of the semester.


Art Presentation

Due Nov 29 or Dec 6


Art Presentation:  Prepare and present a final body of your artwork

This can be work towards your BFA exit show, but think of it as a cohesive body that goes beyond the show and defines you as an artist.  This can be an animation, a game, prints, an interactive work, a web piece, sculpture, photograph, or whatever you feel defines your artistic voice the best.  If it is work towards your BFA show, it should be digital, however, you may show any media that you feel are strongest for THIS presentation.


Turn in specific statement with your presentation.  This could be used for your BFA show. 


10-minute presentations will happen on Nov 29 or Dec 6.


Final Professional Packet

Due Nov 29th

The final Professional Packet is your presentation for a job, gallery, graduate school, etc. It is unlike your portfolio (Art Presentation) as this includes materials to get a job while your art portfolio is just about your art work and artistic voice. Final packet is due Nov 29th, but various drafts of the parts will be due throughout the semester. It will consist of:


1.         Statement: One general statement.  (NOTE, the one for your final body of work will be due when you do your Art Presentation.)

2.         Artist Biography      

3.         Resume

4.         Cover Letter 

6.         Visual Material

Electronic Portfolio, Prints, Demo Reel, Slides in presentation form, depending on your focus.

7.              (Optional) Miscellaneous

Promotional material such as buttons, stickers, business cards, brochures


PART IV, Optional Re-evaluation


After you have made the suggested changes, you may re-submit your resume, bio, statement, or cover letter for my comments.  You may submit via email or in hard copy form.  These will not be graded, it is only so you can get more feedback if you wish.