Assignment #7

ARTC 409, Fall 2005



PART I, Ken Huff's visit

In preparation for the Kenneth Huff visit, please visit his website:

View (at least)


Concept Sketches  

InformationIntent  |  Technique  |   Resume   |   Biography

PART II, Reading

Due Tuesday, November 8

Reading Pages 108-122 in packet; Creativity, artist blocks

Also on November 8th we will go over the reading that was due on October 18

Pages 76-107, Juried shows, Government opportunities, Grants

Come to class prepared to discuss!


PART III, Reminders


Research on what you think you will do next: 

Due November 1

Find information about one of the areas listed below including what they request and in what format. Then, prepare a mock application.


Then, write a VERY SHORT SUMMARY with the following sections:

I    Information that you gathered

II   Describe the materials you will need to send. For example, a demo reel that is 3 minutes long, starting with ˛x˛ animation, followed byŠ.. 

III  Prepare a mock letter with at least a resume, and depending on what they ask for, a statement or biography.  You may indicate visual enclosures in cover letter, no need to include them for this assignment.  Graduate school candidates:  Include an essay if they require it.


Enter a Juried show

Due November 08

Prepare a show / festival application package and send it.

Types of entries will vary, so it is up to you to present to me the package you sent or will send, whatever makes the most sense for your scenario. For example, if you uploaded a bunch of digital files, turn them in on a disk.  Include a URL so I can see the site.   If the show is snail mail based, turn in slides or a disk with your entry(s) and turn in the prospectus. 

NOTE:  You must at least give me a prospectus for the show you entered.  I prefer a printout but I will accept it on your disk with submissions or as a URL. 


It is up to you to show me that you completed the application with all the parts. I will accept this assignment any time up to November 08th.