December 12: 

Exhibition proposal form Due to Gallery Director

CD Due to Gallery Director


December 14

Student Directors meet with the Gallery Director


January 19, 9pm

Mandatory meeting in Bryan Gallery Foyer


February 24

BFA reviews


March 2

Review entry form due

Label Copy due


March 14

Bring work to gallery


March 15-16

Install work


March 18





GENERAL INFORMATION – DUE December 12 to Charlie

You will need to turn in and ³e-portfolio² for the BFA show.  There are no concrete specifications, so her are some content rules for you to follow.  This CD may be used as an e-portfolio for your presentation package ³as is² or with minor modifications.  You donıt have to be elaborate and you can make this very simple.  Note, you can use a DVD where it says CD



Create the e-portfolio in PowerPoint, html, or some simple drag and drop package (i.e., dreamweaver).

·      Simple click of the mouse or button to move forward or

·      Simple menu with button choices (contact info, images, optional time based media. artistıs statement, bio)



1.     Title screen with name and contact info including URL if you have one.

2.     Simple screen that explains what follows*

3.     Images

4.     Time Based Media (Optional)

·      Quick time movie OF YOUR ANIMATION

·      Quick time movie OF A SCREEN GRAB OF YOUR GAME

·      Quick time movie OF A SCREEN GRAB OF YOUR INTERACTIVE ART (website or desktop)

·      Actual interactive work, such as a director projector, html(ish), or URL**

5.     Artistıs statement

6.     Biography



* Use this screen to explain what we are going to see next.  For example, explain if the works are digital images, if they are screen grabs from an animation that will follow, if they are images of an installation, or if they are screen grabs from a game that will follow, among other things.



** PowerPoint will let you embed a URL or a  quicktime movie.  When you play the slideshow, a URL will take you to the site and hold the presentation in the background.  A movie will play on the PowerPoint stage.  I was unable to get a ³projector² to work.


If you have an interactive work to show consider using HTML or a ³drag and drop² package instead of PowerPoint.  People with games will need the executable cross platform and embed in the HTML code or drag into the ³drag and drop² package.  As you know, games play best OFF of the CD and on the hard drive.  You could alternatively tell the user to copy a specific file to the hard drive in the intro section of your PowerPoint.