ART 423FALL 2003

DUE Tuesday November 24th, 2003


Read selections from Chistiane Paul’s Digital Art that I passed out during class.  You will be assigned a section based on your newly assigned group number.  You and your group will present the section to the class on November 24th. 


Your presentation will not only be a summary of the reading, but will include ways for the class to discuss and become a part of the dialogue.  You will be expected to ask the class questions based on the reading.


All students will be responsible for the entire reading.


You will be graded on:

1)    Your participation and input during your group presentation

2)    Your participation and input as a class member during others presentations




Group 1

pp 139-145, “Themes in Digital Art:  Artificial Life”


Group 2

pp 204-211, “Themes in Digital Art:  Tactical Media, Activism, and Hactivism”


Group 3

pp 212-214, “Themes in Digital Art:  Technologies of the Future”

This is a short section, so this group must comment on how they think technologies of the future will be used to talk about artificial life