Digital Photography

ARTC 400, Fall 2003

Tuesday, Thursday 8:30 am-10:45 am


Dr. Dena Elisabeth Eber       

Phone:  372-8526                                                          Office: 123


Office Hours 2-3:30pm, Tues/Thurs or by appointment


PREQUISITES                                             NUMBER OF CREDITS: 3

Digital Arts majors with ARTC 321, Photography students with permission from instructor



In digital photography you will create expressive bodies of work within the broad definition of digital photography, which we will discuss, interpret, and situate in the continuum of digital arts, photography, and art in general during the semester.  The emphasis of the class will be on understanding and developing CONCEPTS connected with art, individual expression, theory, contemporary criticism, history and some technique, while digital photography will act as the framework. 


As you will learn, digital photography, digital imaging, and photography are somewhat of a continuum, however we will spend most of our energy on the photographic end of the line. The art is the emphasis and the tools (the camera, computer, peripherals, and software) are secondary.  We will cover specific details within digital photography including how a digital camera works, lighting, input techniques, output techniques and some distinct software techniques related to photography, but we will spend much of the time exploring ideas and your art making. In order to make the art, however, command of the software and comfort level with the computer and cameras are necessary. I assume some students will need remedial instruction with the software, computer, or basic photographic concepts, which I will cover.  However, this is a 400 level class and I expect each student to have an advanced level of artistic maturity and commitment to studies. 


TOPICS IN THE CLASS: Subject to changes, additions, and subtractions




You will also have various reading and writing assignments that will help you find your voice, facilitate your creative process, and help with the content of your art.


Blank journal                                                                                                   Due 8/28

Folder for handouts                                                                                           Due 8/28

Secondary back up (zip, CDs or DVD-R disk)                                                        Due 8/28

Money for prints

In lab prints                    Put aside money for printing because you will bursar prints as needed.  Your will use the various printers at FLAAR, which you will bursar when you print.


Slides                            $2.00                                                             Dates will vary



You will keep a sketchbook all semester.  You will turn it in one week before the end of class. 



You will be graded on an equal balance of the following:

Class participation (asking questions, participation in discussions, making comments, participation in group projects, participating in critiques)

Overall growth (how much you matured over the semester)

Minor assignments

Midterm (X 2)

Final (X 3)


Take Home

Misc. Projects (my discretion, totaled to equal one grade)                         



Up to 24 hours late is one letter grade down, 24 to 48 hours late is lowered two letter grades.  I will not accept late assignments after two days and you will receive an “F” for that project.



Absences      Only 3 excused absences allowed, no unexcused absences permitted.  Your final grade will go down one letter each time you exceed this.


Late            Three late = one unexcused absence.  Role is taken at the beginning of class, it is your responsibility to make sure I mark you present if you wander in late.  This must be done during the class period.


Leaving       Leaving class early without clearing it with me = absent.



Critiques      Attendance at Midterm and Final critiques is mandatory.  Unexcused absence from either will lower your grade by one half.



You are accountable for material covered in class, including handouts.  IF ANYTHING IS NOT CLEAR, ASK!  It is your responsibility to get missed material.  I will happily clarify items you do not understand, but I will not repeat demonstrations for absentee's. 



Any student who wishes to discuss accommodations on the basis of a disability please come talk to me after class or during office hours.  The goal of the Disability Services for Students Office is to help provide equal access and reasonable accommodations to BGSU students with disabilities.  Students wishing to discuss their eligibility for such accommodations are encouraged to contact their office at 372-8495 (413 South Hall).




Digital Photography

Fall 2003


Aug 26 (T)      Intro, syllabus, fill out info form on-line, check accounts, SIGGRAPH slides give Ex 1 (Sig writing, due sep02/09), MAC Desktop (hw folder, disks, burn CD), monitor meeting, Give Journal assignment.

Aug 28 (Th)    Cameras (low end), Remedial PS (Just to grab photos)give Ex 2 (model after artist-Diff theme (collab to apply reading), reading - nunberg, article from history of photo, something on reality (Mitchell or sontag or barthes)?) Journal due, folder due, disk due, (camera, review scanning)

Sept 2   (T)    No Class, Eurographics

Sept 4   (Th)  No Class, Eurographics

Sept 9   (T)      Ex 1 due, Ex 2 due, Groups crit and discuss theme

Sept 11 (Th)    Crit part II, start Photo concepts, Scanning (film, flatbed), High end camera, give Ex 3 (Andrew email on reality), printing, high end, scan)

Sept 16 (T)      Printing VCT, finish Sept 11 content.

Sept 18 (Th)    Ground digital photo in traditional, History of photo/digital (andrew) Artists:, photo/digital (me)

Sept 23  (T)     Lighting lecture ?, digital photo tech.

Sept 25  (Th) No Class, Rosh Hashanah

Sept 30  (T)     Ex3 Prints due crit, give Mid Term (include lighting),

Oct  02  (Th)   DA artists technique

Oct  07 (T)      technology of DP lecture

Oct  09 (Th)   No Class, Fall Break

Oct  14 (T)      work time

Oct  16 (Th)    Midterm Due (part I)

Oct  21 (T)      Midterm Due (part II), Give Final,

Oct  23 (Th)    Give Reading Ex 6, final direction due, indiv meetings, work time

Oct  28 (T)      indiv meetings, work time

Oct  30 (Th)    Reading 2 due:  Reading discussion group presentations

Nov 04 (T)      Work time, Give take-home (Ex 7) to include photo tech, DP tech, history, PS tech, printing Tech.

Nov 06 (Th)    work time

Nov 11 (T)     No Class, Veterans' Day

Nov 13 (Th)    final checkpoint - crit

Nov 18 (T)      final checkpoint, - crit

Nov 20 (Th)    give Ex 8 essay assignment, Take home due, slide prep lecture, work time

Nov 24 (T)      Presentation demo (?), work time

Nov 27 (Th)   No Class,Thanksgiving

Dec 02 (T)       Slide run due, essay due, Journal duework time, Final Journal due, Final Feedback

Dec 04 (Th)     work time

Dec 09 (T)       FINAL PROJECT DUE, Final crit part A

Dec 11 (Th)     Final crit part b