Digital Photography

DUE Tuesday, September 30th



Many of you started on interesting themes that nicely related to the first two articles that we read this semester.  For this next assignment, I would like you to continue with the theme you started, or modify it based on how others might have interpreted the articles.


Images and Camera:

Use a TRUE SLR to make five or more final images that address your theme.  The images may or may not be manipulated.  Please only take the camera out for two hours at a time unless you get it overnight or over the weekend.  If you are unable to get the imagery you want during your slot, you may use any other kind of digital camera.  At the very least, turn in four raw images from the TRUE SLR that shows the labor of your efforts.


2 or more Prints

Choose 2 of your best images and make high quality prints.  By high quality I mean you have chosen proper paper, the print doesn't have streaks or unintentional pixels, and you have resolved color issues.  You must experiment with at least two different kinds of output.  It will get you more points to work with more than one FLAAR machine.  Consider printing the new work you are creating for this assignment, but your can print anything you like.


The size of your image must be appropriate to the content and aesthetics of your work.  Be prepared to discuss this and to critique the technical qualities of your prints.


Turn in a typed sheet of paper that describes your two prints and the machine and output you used.  Write any comments about how well it worked or not.  Also record this information in your journal.


Turn In

1.     Go to the folder -> Blinn-> HomeworkEber-> Assigment 3 and make a folder with your last name.  In it, save both the "Theme" and the "Raw" folder.

2.     ALL FILES SHOULD BE 2 MB OR LESS.  Make sure you save a higher resolution version of your file on your own disk.



Record notes about the prints, camera, your ideas and your art.  Include any sketches.  Don’t forget to clearly label the page.