Photographic "Truth"

ART 400 FALL 2003

DUE Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Read the following:

1.     A Thousand Pictures, Geoff Nunberg, "Fresh Air" commentary on August 7, 2003.  (Article on Blinn-> HomeworkEber->DP->GeoffNunberg)

2.     Digital Photography:  Truth, Meaning, Aesthetics, Steven Skopic in History of Photography V27,number 3, Autum 2003, pp. 264-271.  (Passed out in class)


Do the following

1.     Read both articles.  Reflect on why I gave you the Geoff Nunberg article.

2.     Meet with your group to discuss both articles

·      Summarize each article

·      Talk about the implications of each

3.     The group will choose a theme that is somehow connected with the readings.  This will be the theme of your assignment 2 project.


The Project:

Create five images that reflect the theme that your group decided upon.  Save and show raw images.


1.     Use your group members as both a technical and aesthetic resource.

2.     Each student will use both the Sony Cybershot camera and the Minolta diamge camera to collect "raw" imagery.  You may optionally choose to work as a group on this part.

3.     You can leave the work "as is" or manipulate it in Photoshop to make your final images.  Save at least three images from each camera in raw form.

4.     Make two folders and name one "Theme" and the other "Raw."  In the "Raw folder, save your six raw images, three from each camera.  Name the sony images sony1 sony2, and sony3.  Name the Minolta images minolta1, minolta2, and minolta3.  In the "Theme" folder, save your five images.



1.     Go to the folder -> Blinn-> HomeworkEber-> Assigment2 and make a folder with your last name.  In it, save both the "Theme" and the "Raw" folder.

2.     ALL FILES SHOULD BE 2 MB OR LESS.  Make sure you save a higher resolution version of your file on your own disk.