Take Home Exam

ART 400 FALL 2003

DUE Thursday November 20th, 2003

Answer each question using whatever resources you need, including me. I encourage you to talk to each other to gain whatever insight you can. Answers must be typed, include the question, and be handed in to me on paper ON TIME.

Each question is worth 8.5 points.

  1. Explain the difference between pigmented inks and regular inks. Name a machine at FLAAR that uses pigmented inks and explain why you would use them.
  2. If you wanted to print on an alternative surface using the machines at FLAAR, how could you do that?
  3. If you wanted to print on fabric at FLAAR, what machine would you use? What would you request them to do? What must you consider if you bring your own fabric?
  4. Recall the lecture that Dr. Hershberger gave on the history of photography leading up to digital. He brought up the notion of whether or not there is anything new about digital photography. What do you think? Ground it in examples that he gave.
  5. Dr. Hershberger mentioned Pictorialism in Photography. What is it and how is it related to contemporary digital photography?
  6. The notion of the "straight photograph" came up in Dr. Hershberger’s lecture. What does that mean and what are the implications of "truth" and "reality" in photography and digital photography?
  7. Recall A Thousand Pictures, by Geoff Nunberg. What was the key issue that the author spoke of and why is it relevant to digital photography?
  8. Explain the difference between a real SLR and an SLR "type" camera in digital photography.
  9. What is White Balance and what are the options?
  10. Explain the relationship between shutter speed and f-stop (or aperture). Under what circumstances would you use different settings (Talk about small aperture vs. large and fast shutter vs. slow)
  11. There are two main Elichrome lights in the lighting studio at FLAAR. One is the 600 model and the other is the 1200. What is the role of each light when used together?
  12. What shutter speed do you set the meter and camera to for the studio lighting at FLAAR? What is the ideal ISO?