Advanced Imaging

Due Thursday, October 21st

8 images (at least) and 4 studio light shots

Brief summary Due Tuesday, October 07th



Concept (8 images DUE 10/21 at 8:30 am)

Use any camera or scanner to make 8 images that either extends the theme you have been working on from the last assignment or forge new ground.  At the 400 level, it is best to work through one idea until you bring it to fruition.  The longer you work with it, the better you understand it and the more successful your representation of it becomes. All images must be related in some way (style, content, formal elements, approach, etc.)  View this assignment as practice for your final.


Technical (4 images - could be the same or separate from your concept.)

Use the studio lights at FLAAR to shoot at least four images.  You do not have to use these as part of your concept (above), but I want you to be familiar with these lights and know how to use that set-up as one of your artistic options.  These images will not be evaluated for content, rather I want to see you learn about the equipment.  However, you may use this setup as part of your conceptual body of work.  You may also work in teams and turn in the same images.  It is best to check out the D10 camera to do this.  I also encourage experimentation.



Write a brief sentence or two telling me your conceptual intention for this assignment.  Some of you are working in a slightly different way and your work is not conducive to 8 images.  The summary should stipulate how you plan to show your work.



Document the work in your journal.  Be sure to label the pages as ARTC 400 midterm.



1.     At least 8 conceptual (or theme) images in digital TIFF format, 2 MB or less.  At least 4 studio light images, which could be the same or different from some of the ones you turn in for your theme. 

2.     Go to the folder -> Blinn-> HomeworkEber-> Midterm and make a folder with your last name.  In it, make a "Theme" folder and "lighting" folder.  Save appropriate images in each.