Digital Photography

DUE Tuesday, December 02, 2003



Consider the discussion we had in class on November 06th and13th regarding body and identity in digital arts and Stelarc’s piece “Ping Me.”  Also consider the other works mentioned in the chapter called Body and Identity that I had you read for class.  Do you think our society is going in the direction that Stelarc’s work suggests?  Why or why not?  What are your views on the merging of body and technology.  Do you believe our bodies are part of digital arts and digital culture or do we leave them behind?  Why or why not.


Write an essay that addresses the above questions.  Reference the article to support your views.


Your essay must be typed




Over the semester you have used your blank journal (no lines) to record all sketches, thoughts, pictures, and paraphernalia associated with your assignments, class lectures, and general art making for this semester.


Recall that I asked you to record the ideas and sketches associated with each assignment for this class. You will be graded on this minimum and then how you embellish it further.


As I said already, delineate the assignments clearly so the top of a page reads:

“Digital Photography, Assignment XXX, Assignmentname).