August 24

Introductions, syllabus, Windows overview, uploading homework to server.

DA FTP and Server:

DEMO: Photo shoot with Cannon EOS

In-class Assignment:

Part One-Photoshoot: Self Introduction ( one hours on the field)

  • A group of three, student will take each other photographs to introduce his/her self as a digital art student.
  • Location of shooting on campus (If you are using inside building, make sure don't make noise as there are classes going on in the building.)
  • You can use any props to create subordinate concept presenting yourself.
  • Each protograph should contain visual information to support only single idea about you. You can take as many as photos you would like to. Be sure to track the time.

Part Two: In put to computer and backing up

  • Intro to Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw

Sample1Raw  Sample1JPAG

Sample2Raw  Sample2JPAG

August 26

DEMO: Setting up your studio in Photoshop (Preferences and application layout)

Assignment Project One: Reserch - Due Mon 31
  • Project 1 One paragraph of artist working with motion/time in work. Photographic examples included.
  • Project 1 Complete sketches and ideas for first project.



August 31

Assignment Project One: Due Wed 2
  • Project 1 Complete Class Photos composition
  • Project 1 Begin shooting images for Project 1

September 2

DUE Wed 9:

  • Project 1 Begin working on Project 1 composition


September 9 - Continue in-class work, introduce in-class image editing

  • Upload a progress jpg of how far along you are in Project 1 to the class server. There will be a folder in the Project 1 folder for this.



September 14 - DEMOs:

September 16

Selecting and masking, continued:


  1. Use Quick Select tool to make general selection. (Experiment with different brush sizes, hardness to get the result you want for your image.)
  2. Click Refine Edge button.
  3. Select the view mode that works best for you. (Black and White is a great place to start. Hit “F” key to toggle between view modes.)
  4. Check the Smart Radius box, and adjust the slider.
  5. Use brush and eraser to add/subtract from selection.
  6. Adjust other selection sliders as needed.
  7. Check the Decontaminate Colors box if needed to eliminate halos and unwanted colors from the selection, and adjust slider.
  8. Create a new layer with layer mask.

Portrait editing, continued:

DUE Thu 30: Upload a second progress jpg of how far along you are in Project 1 to the class server. There will be a subfolder in the Progress folder for this.



September 21

DUE Wed 23: Project 1 Revised Version completed and uploaded to server.

Prepping images for print/uploading to Print Lab by Thursday 16th




September 28

October 2


October 7

DUE Thu 17: Project 1 printed from print lab. ALL requested adjustments during in-class critique must be made!

October 9 (Fall Break - NO CLASS) (9th - 10th)


October 14

October 16


October 21

October 23 - Critique of second series. Determine best concept and helps to improve.

DUE Tue 23: Have Project 2 second series jpgs uploaded to class server before class.


October 28 - Project 2 class work time. PLEASE be prepared and have your final series Project 2 developed enough to get feedback from the instructor.


October 30 - FINAL Critique of Project 2. Discuss concept ideas for writing artist statements; elaborate on motives, motifs and walkthroughs.

DUE Thu 30: Project 2 final must be completed and uploaded to the class server in a flattened jpg format. We will critique these in class and discuss the execution of your concept. You will be required to make adjustments to this image. Also upload your artist statement for this project in a word doc format.



November 4 - Levels adjustments to match color/saturation. Revisit how to prepare borders for print lab. REMINDER: print lab is calibrate for darker imagery than on the lab computers! WORK day for Project 2 and Project 3.

Assign Project 3: Synesthesia. Progress check Nov 12, critique Dec 12, print due by Dec 17.

November 6 - Critique of prints for Project 2 and artist statements.

MINI-ASSIGNMENT: Glitch Safari (due Thursday, Nov 14). Hunt for glitches on displays, signs and machines, on your television or cellphone. Capture them with a video or still camera. Bring them to class on Thursday, April 4 and upload to server. To get an idea of what to hunt for, check out these Flickr and Vimeo pages:

DUE Thu 6: Have a full size 42 inch print brought into class. Upload your artists statement to the class server under the project 2 folder. We will discuss alterations and read your artist statements, then hang the prints in the hallway.


November 11
Veterans' Day - University Closed

November 13

Work section

DUE Thu 13:MINI-ASSIGNMENT: Glitch Safari


November 18

November 20 - Work section


November 25

DUE Thu 26: Upload to class server progress pictures of your Project 3 work.

Thu 27 Thanksgiving Break NO CLASS (26th -28th)



December 2 - Project 3 workday, one-on-one feedback.

DUE Tue 16: Upload geometric solids painting

December 4 - Project 3 workday

DUE Thu 18: Upload finished jpg of Project 3 to class server.


December 9 - Project 3 workday

December 11 (Last day of Fall 2014 class)

FINAL CRITIQUE: Final Critique for Project 3 image


Final Exam: No Class

Print and artists statement due Thu 18th