ARTC 4440, Fall 2009
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Final Project
Expanding video: Installation / performance

DUE: (Installed) Friday, December 4th - Arts Xtravaganza

Working with another student, you are to collaborate on a video work that leaves the 2D realm and extends into the viewer's PHYSICAL space. This might be done using monitors in a sculptural installation, projection of video or stills onto sculptural surfaces, enveloping the viewer in a confrontational projection space, or using video in a live performance or event "happening", etc. Sound can also be a big part of this piece.

The most important aspect of this project is to select a space that will house the work and focus on site-specificity: the installation or performance should relate specifically to this chosen space. A gallery-like neutral space may be the ideal, but consider a night performance outdoors or re-injecting meaning into a space otherwise used for another purpose.

You must choose a collaborator for this project. Look for someone who has similar aesthetic or conceptual ideas or likewise a very different perspective that could complement your work. Sometimes the best collaborations result from people with very different art styles!

You must create a totally NEW video for this project, or you could significantly alter or build on a previous class project. The subject matter and style are completely up to you.

Walk around the School of Art (inside and out) to find the ideal space for your piece. You could even install elsewhere on campus or in BG, if it is the best solution for your piece. If it is a classroom you will need to schedule the room. If it is privately owned space, you will need to gain permission from the owner. There will be certain spaces and rooms that will be unavailable due to prior scheduling for ArtsXtravaganza. I will update you as soon as I have the details. You will be responsible for all equipment that you check out for the piece.

You must professionally document the piece using video. If it is a performance that you will be part of, you will need to ask someone to help record the work. As you will see when researching video installation art, all that remains IS the documentation. The documentation video will be edited. We will watch it during our final critique (12/14), and it will be included on your final video art compilation reel of your semester's work that you submit during finals week (due Wednesday 12/16).

Research Presentation: (DUE Monday, November 9)
In order to better understand what Video Installation Art is, each of you will select an artist and do a research presentation on him/her. Choose an artist (from our readings or your own internet research), and put together a TEN-MINUTE Powerpoint Presentation that includes:

Copy your PP file to our Class Homework folder, and prepare and practice the ten-minute presentation. Remember that the PP should have major bulleted points, but that you can adlib or expand during the presentation.

Email me the name of the artist by Thursday, 5 November. You can choose an artist from this list, or choose someone completely different

Professional Proposal & Schematic Drawing: (DUE Monday, November 16)
You must write a professional, well-written Project Proposal. It will be in paragraph form, spell checked, grammar checked, and typed. You only need to submit ONE proposal for your group. This must include:

  1. your concept clearly stated,
  2. what type of footage you intend to use including details about the sound, editing, timing, and text if used
  3. where you will install / perform the piece and why you chose that space
  4. If it is a one-time performance or happening, WHEN you intend to have it.
  5. what EQUIPMENT you need and if you can provide it. Be specific - include cables, etc. if you know
  6. your intention for the piece (what you want the audience to experience with the piece)
  7. what role each collaborator will have in the piece (who does what)
  8. You also must create a PROFESSIONAL schematic drawing (floorplan) that represents the space and all of the equipment you will be using. Include electrical sources and clearly label all elements. Try to draw it to scale. You can choose to create it in either Photoshop or Maya.


Monday, 11/2: Reading #6 due (emailed .pdf)

Wednesday, 11/4: INSTALLATION MATERIALS WORKSHOP! Everyone must bring in a MINIMUM ONE material or prop to experiment with projection and a sample videotape to project.

Monday, 11/9: Installation Artist Research Presentations DUE

Monday, 11/16: Proposal and Schematic DUE! (one per group)

FRIDAY, 12/4: Projects due installed for Arts Xtravaganza, 5:30pm.

Monday, 12/14: Final Critique: Edited Video Documentation of Installation due

Equipment Available in ARC/Media Cage:
(14) 13" color monitors
(9) slide projectors
(6) 19" - 27" monitors with VCRs
(8) Hi-8 Camcorders
(12) VHS VCRs
(5) Mini-DV camcorders
(3) VHS/DVD players

Digital Arts Equipment:
(5) LCD projectors
(1) flat panel monitor
** we may be able to find / reserve other equipment once we have the proposals.

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