Animation (Special Topics) Weekly Schedule - Spring 2011
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January Tentative Schedule: Assigned: What is due:
Week 1
10 Mon Introduction to instructor, syllabus review, questionnaires, principles of animation hand-out, discussion re room situation & software, intro to animation

We'll watch:

Billy's Balloon

Balance (won an Oscar for short animation)
Read hand-out: Principles of Animation


12 Wed

Line-testing, motion paths, timing, ease-in, ease out

We'll watch:


Assigned: Ease-in, ease out line assignment 1a
Due: Wed, Jan 19th
Week 2
17 Mon

Martin Luther King Day

Watch the vid (link above) and enjoy an inspirational holiday!

19 Wed

Citiques of Assignment 1a(ease in, ease out lines)

  • Assigned:

    Assignment 1b: Add an object to your motion path

    Due for Monday: 1st pass at object on path
  • Due:

    Ease-in, ease out line assignment 1a

    Pls bring your sequence of drawings and have your animation rendered as a quicktime movie
  • Week 3
    24 Mon Work day + animation screening
    26 Wed


    Week 4
    31 Mon

    Critique: Object on a motion path

    Videos: Oscar nomination related websites & videos

    Assigned: Read in Animator's Survival Kit pages 35-39, pages relevant to ball bounce

    Different types of balls assigned individually to students

    ALSO: Mandatory gymnast gesture drawing assignment: Animators must go to at least one gymnastics meet and do as much gesture drawing as possible, attempting to capture lines of action, poses and interesting movements/gestures

    Assignment 1b, Object on a motion path, quicktime movies
    Feb Tentative Schedule: Assigned: What is due:
    2 Wed

    Ball bounce presentation

    Videos: Various ball bounces, studies in emotion (chimpanzees and Christian the Lion) & more animation websites links, all posted on blog

    Bill Plympton trailer: The Cow who wanted to be a hamburger

    Sony Bavaria "rabbits" commercial


    Assigned: Ball bounce assignment with assigned balls

    Due: as a quicktime movie in your homework folder on Wed, Feb 9.

    Week 5
    7 Mon

    Ball bounce presentation for those who weren't present on Wed

    Squash & strech presentation

    Videos: Tex Avery Screwball Classics (excerpts), early Bill Plympton

    Assigned: Due:
  • 9 Wed Critique: Ball bounce Due: Ball bounce quicktimes
    Week 6
    14 Mon

    Examples of squash & stretch

    Tex Avery excerpts

  • Due:
  • 16 Wed

    Joanna Quinn vids

    Work day

    Week 7
    21 Mon

    More Tex Avery excerpts

    Work day


  • 23 Wed

    Plymptoons: Your Face and How to Kiss

    Work day

  • Week 8
    28 Mon Critiique: Squash & Stretch   Due: Squash & Stretch
    March Tentative Schedule: Assigned: What is due:
    2 Wed


  • Due: Gesture drawings/sketches from gymnastics practice
  • Week 9
    7 Mon Spring Break!
    9 Wed Spring Break!
    Week 10
    14 Mon

    Lyp synch intro

    Films: Aardman Creature Comforts

    thadeej's youtube tutorial re lypsynch

    lip synch test

    Assigned: Lyp synch assignment
    16 Wed

    Plotting sound in After Effects and transferring it to an xsheet

    Assigned: full weekend of animation talks/workshop, time permitting!
    Week 11
    21 Mon we'll put together rough passes today
    23 Wed    
    Week 12
    28 Mon

    Lyp synch finals due today

    talk gesture drawing

    Assigned: design your character full body and begin thinking about how s/he/it will walk! Due: Lip synch heads
    30 Wed talk about walk cycles/gesture drawing practice (pls bring materials!)
    April Tentative Schedule: Assigned: What is due:
    Week 13
    4 Mon Critique Due: all gesture drawings (gymnastics)
    6 Wed gesture drawing practice (pls bring materials!)
    Week 14
    11 Mon final project workday
    13 Wed final project workday    
    Week 15
    18 Mon final project workday
    20 Wed final project workday    
    Week 16
    25 Mon presentations final project  
    27 Wed presentations final project    
    Week 17 MAY FINALS WEEK!!
    May Finals Schedule: Assigned: What is due: