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Osamu Tezuka
11/3/28 - 2/9/89

Widely credited as the most influential animator in Japan, Osamu Tezuka gained popularity as a manga writer and illustrator up through the 1950s. Tezuka's career parallels the rise of the animation Industry in Japan. Tezuka set up Mushi Studios after being inspired by Disney. This production company became a springboard for a number of animators, including Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira). People feel Tezuka's vision remained fresh, contrary to the corporate mentality of Disney.

After receiving his physician's license, Tezuka chose to devote his time to animation. Tezuka enjoyed a very long career as a cartoonist, recognized both in Japan and in the America. ASTRO BOY as it is known in America, becoming one of Tezuka's most popular and famous works.

Fun Fact: During the US occupation of Japan after World War 2, he sold pin-up drawings of women to US troops, often trading his artwork for military rations.

Animations Produced:

  • Hi no tori 2772 : Ai no kosumozon, 1980, 1:35:00, Producer
    (aka Fire's Bird 2772: Love's Cosmozone; Phoenix 2772; Space Firebird [USA shortened version]; Space Firebird 2772)
  • Senya ichiya monogatari, 1969, 2:08:00, Executive Producer
    (aka One Thousand and One Arabian Nights)
  • The Amazing 3, 1967, TV Series, Producer
    (aka The Amazing 3 [USA];W3;Wonder Three [Japan])
  • Tenrankai no e, 1966, 50:00, Producer
    (aka Pictures at an Exhibition)
  • Jangaru taitei Reo, 1966, TV Series, Producer
    (aka Leo the Lion [USA])
  • Jangaru taitei, 1965, TV Series, Producer
    (aka Jungle Emperor [International];Kimba the White Lion [USA])
  • Aru machikado no monogatari, 1962, 38:00, Producer
    (aka Story of a Certain Street Corner [USA])

"The Father of Manga"

Submitted by: Ken Edwards
as part of ARTC 400, History of Animation
Bowling Green State University
Prof. Bonnie Mitchell