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The Brothers Quay
1947 -

Stephen and Timothy Quay are Identical brothers Born 1947 in Norristown Pennsylvania. They studied at the Philadelphia college of art as illustrators until they moved to England to study at the Royal college of art where they first started to study and practice animation. The brothers still work and live together in england where they continue their work. The brothers work in stop motion using found objects mostly dolls which are battered and disassembled that create a surreal and moody atmosphere. Their style is best demonstrated in their most highly acclaimed film, Street of Crocodiles which has been called one of the best animated films created.

Animations Produced:

  • Nocturna Artificialia, 1979
  • Punch And Judy (Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy), 1980
  • Ein Brudermord, 1981
  • The Eternal Day Of Michel de Ghelderode, 1981
  • Stravinsky - The Paris Years, 1983
  • Leos Janacek: Intimate Excursions, 1983
  • The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer, 1984
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh, or This Unnameable Little Broom, 1985, aka Little Songs of the Chief Officer of Hunar Louse
  • Street of Crocodiles, 1986
  • Stille Nacht I: Dramolet, 1988
  • Rehearsals For Extinct Anatomies, 1988
  • Ex-Voto/The Pond, 1989
  • The Comb (From The Museums Of Sleep), 1990
  • De Artificiali Perspectiva, or Anamorphosis, 1991
  • The Calligrapher, 1991 - an ident commissioned for the BBC2 television channel, but never broadcast
  • Stille Nacht II: Are We Still Married?, 1991
  • Long Way Down (Look What The Cat Drug In), 1992
  • Stille Nacht III: Tales From Vienna Woods, 1992
  • Stille Nacht IV: Can't Go Wrong Without You, 1993
  • The Summit, 1995
  • In Absentia, 2000
  • Crocodiles, 2000
  • The Sandman, 2000
  • Duet, 2001
  • Stille Nacht V: Dog Door, 2002
  • The Phantom Museum: Random Forays Into the Vaults of Sir Henry Wellcome's Medical Collection, 2003


Submitted by: Greg Wark
as part of ARTC 400, Principles of Animation
Bowling Green State University
Prof. Bonnie Mitchell