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Richard Condie

Richard Condie was born in 1942 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Condie received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba. Originally, Condie worked as a sociology researcher, performer, and accomplished musician. Condie never took his drawing abilities seriously until 1971 when the Canadian Council granted him funds to produce the animated film Oh Sure. This film was the start to one of Condie's reoccurring themes- men making fools of themselves trying to impress one another. Condie also addresses themes throughout his work such as human inadequacy, human inability to learn from mistakes, and environmental crisis. His work was once described as "A National Film Board genetic experiment gone wonky: mutations of the bugged-eyed, bulbous nosed characters favored in the 1960s. Cock-eyed and orthodontist-needy, Condie's characters are the creative manifestation of cabin fever."

Condie's wacky style is best portrayed in his most well known animation, The Big Snit. The Big Snit is a story about a married couple that is so involved in their own problems that they do not even realize they are in the middle of a nuclear war. This animation was so highly praised by fans and critics it has won 16 international awards, was nominated for both an Oscar and a Genie, and voted as #25 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field. After The Big Snit in 1985, Condie produced many more successful animations including LaSalla in 1996. This was Condie's first 3D computer generated animation. He used this new medium to tell the story of a young boy and his struggle with temptation, which Condie says was inspired by his temptation with the endless possibilities that 3D animation had presented him.

Animations Produced:

  • Oh Sure, 1977
  • John Law and the Mississippi Bubble, 1978
  • Getting Started, 1979 (6 international awards)
  • Pig Bird, 1981
  • The Big Snit, 1985 (Awards: The International Film Critics' Prize at the 15th Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Best short Film Award at the Montreal World Film Festival, A Silver Plaque at the 21st Chicago International Film Festival, and the Best Animation Film at the XVI Tampere International Short Film Festival, Oscar nomination, Genie nomination)
  • Heart Land, 1987
  • The Cat Came Back, 1988 co-producer, voice
  • The Apprentice, 1991
  • La Salla, 1996 (Oscar nomination)


Submitted by: Karly Yohe
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