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An excellent, very informative book is Designing a Digital Portfolio by Cynthia L. Baron

Interview with author Cynthia L. Baron...

Read more of the interview with Baron by following the link at the bottom of the page. There's also a link to the book. Note: the most current release of Baron's book is the second edition, printed by New Riders in 2010.

Another interesting book: Becoming a Digital Designer

Used copies of this book are available and cheap!:
Getting a Job in Computer Graphics: Real Advice from Reel People

Getting a Job in Computer Graphics informs not only about how to apply for and get "usual" CG jobs, but also some you may not have thought of:

  • Courtroom (forensic) Animation
  • Architechtural Visualization
  • Industrial Design Product Visualization
  • Military/Aerospace Simulation
  • Print/3D Graphic Design
Dena's excellent links:
Professionals talk about showreels: Demo Reels : Professional Perspectives
Jobsites, Career Sites, Opportunities!

Art opportunities abound!

College Art Association – Opportunities

Find the job that's right for you:

Showreel links galore...
Background checks, adobe certification and...processing!
Adobe Certification Recertify when necessary

"Once obtained, your certification is valid until 90 days after the exam version of your certification is retired. Adobe will e-mail you a reminder when your certification is due for renewal and will let you know when you need to take another exam."

Prepare for these generic employment questions (except perhaps, the animal question, which I've never ever heard of being used!):

Top 10 interview questions


Don't forget about the intriguing directions new media is taking (and digital arts careers that arise from them!):