Syllabus - Fall 2010- ARTC 4090 - Bowling Green State University

ART C4090:

Professional Practices
Cathy Joritz
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129 Fine Arts Center

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204a Fine Arts
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Description & Objectives

Prerequisite: Must be scheduled to Graduate in Digital Arts December 2010 or May August 2011.

This course will help you transition from academia to life after college. In the case of digital art, this could mean many things, but we will focus on three paths: graduate school, industry, or studio art practices. In each case this course will, above all, help you focus on your art and its development as a whole, understand yourself as an artist, and present yourself, your ideas, and your art.

Most classes will include some of the following: Discussions of readings, visitor presentations, student presentations, instruction on preparing yourself for the next step after school, exploring traditional and innovative ways of promoting yourself and your work, brainstorming, and critiques.

This is your chance to prepare your portfolio/presentation packets with the advantage of feedback, advice and ideas from others. Utilize this course as the opportunity it is.

Subject matter* will include: Artist Statement, Artist Biography, Resume, Cover Letter, Electronic Portfolio, Self-published book, other self-promotional technologies and material, the Interview, presenting your work

*subject to change

NOTE ON THE BFA SHOW: The focus of this course is not to make artwork for the BFA exit show. The BFA show is not a requirement for graduation, but it is an important opportunity to exhibit a cohesive body of work and your ideas, uncensored. You may use this course to assist you in preparation for the show. Deadlines for show materials will be forthcoming and all deadlines must be met in order to exhibit.

Required Materials

Digital storage: 4 Gig Flash Drive or larger. Consider purchasing a 320 or 500 Gig portable drive. You will be expected to back up your data regularly. Lost data will not be accepted as an excuse for missing or incomplete assignments or any other lost class material.

You are also required to keep a calendar of events dedicated to this course. We will have several visiting artists come to the class(es)/nearby location(s) to speak, at times outside the T/R's class times designated for this course. You are expected to be somewhat flexible with your time and highly motivated. Personal meetings with me will also fluctuate re time and day. A calendar will help you organize your time.

Also, I'd like you to keep a "journal"/sketchbook of your progress in this course. This can be in the form of a blog, a sketchbook, a digital folder w/files and a calendar of notes (a digital folder must be organized so well that I can wade through it with clarity). In this journal/sketchbook I'd like you to keep your thoughts, notes, ideas, sources of inspiration, online video urls/locations, favorite websites, etc.. It's easy to lose items jotted on scraps of paper or in several note-/sketchbooks...Make sure your valuable & interesting material finds its way into your journal/note-/sketchbook. I will review this from time to time and it will factor into your final grade.

Recommended Books, Tuts, Forums, etc.

There are currently no "required" textbooks for this course (subject to change), although there are some very helpful books out there. I will post titles, links and required reading (articles, not books) soon. If you have any suggestions for texts, tutorials, videos, job and/or opportunity boards, or other online resources pls email them to me. This is where everyone should pull together and help each other out.


Each student is expected to complete all projects, exercises, required readings, and of course, create a final portfolio and presentation packet. Details of the various assignments will be discussed in class and you must adhere to deadlines, even when given informally (pls ask if you are unsure). Final versions of all assignments should be placed in your homework folder but keep them on a key or other portable drive as well.

Plan on meeting with me personally during my office every other week to show me your progress. This can take place during my office hours (Wed) or on Thursdays, during the prescribed class time. Times will be arranged in advance via sign-in sheets and discussion.

Class participation is vital in this course and will factor into your final grade. However, your motivation to participate should come from a desire to get the most out of this classs and to work together. Actively engaged students make for an exciting and productive class: Consider this class your first step into the "outside world" and bring to it the same enthusiasm, professionalism and energy you would to your first professional engagement.

Students will be expected to master all technology and software necessary for making their application/presentation packets. Professionalism, respect and courtesy will be expected at all times.

This is your chance to create the portfolios and packets that will help you achieve success – or at least get a foot in the door! – after you graduate from BGSU. Pursue your dreams with a positive attitude and as much effort as possible.

Help me help you...

All three of my classes this semester are back-to-back, Tuesdays & Thursdays. I have only 10 minutes between classes, just like many of you. This means that I won't be able to talk to you before class on Tuesdays, and afterwards I may be less inclined to chat than usual. For this reason I ask you to pls not feel insulted or neglected if I can't spend time with you outside of class on Tuesday – it's nothing personal. If you need me for anything at all, pls email me, come to my office hours or set up a time to meet with me on Thurs during class time. If you can't make it to my o-hours or meet with me on Thursdays, pls. let me know and we'll set up an alternative time.

I am here to help you.


There will be a sign-in sheet for you to sign at the beginning of every class. Attendance is important and mandatory! There will be no excused absences.

We will be covering a variety of materials throughout the semester, all of it important to your final portfolio/presentation packet. Missed lectures will not be repeated. If you must be late, it's your responsibility to find out from other students what you missed. Absence is not a valid excuse for coming to the following class unprepared, or for not having an assignment completed that was given while you were gone. This class will adhere to the following Attendance Policy:

1 absence regular class time = no penalty

1 absence outside of regular class time = no penalty
2 absences = overall final grade lowered 1 letter grade
3 absences = overall final grade lowered 2 letter grades
4 absences = fail the course (you don't want anything like this to happen!)

Remember: We need to meet personally to discuss your work at least once every second week. If you fail to meet with me personally on a bi-weekly basis, the missed meeting will count as an absence. Being mentally not present (i.e. falling asleep, daydreaming, etc.) also counts as an absence.

Arriving for class late or leaving class before dismissal will be counted as late. Three x's late = 1 absence.

Out of courtesy and for practical and professional reasons, I'd like you to arrive punctually. Announcements will be made at the beginning of class.


Assignments and Critiques
Turning in Projects
Projects are due in the Homework folder prior to the beginning of class. At times we'll go over and discuss your assignments/goals during our personal meetings.

Late assignments: 1 week late, grade is lowered by one letter. This does not count for the final packet which MUST be turned in on time.

Critiques are vitally important to, as always, to your artistic development. They're your chance to give and get feedback and they provide valuable opportunities to practice verbal articulation about yourself and your artwork. Critiques are participatory events. Pls do not miss them.

Final Critique
Attendance at the Final (end-of-semester) critique is mandatory. Missing the final critique will result in an F for your Final Project. NO late Final Presentation Packets will be accepted!
A = Excellent - Above and beyond, artistically AND technically
B = Very Good - Beyond requirements, artistically OR technically
C = Average - Met the basic requirements
D = Did not meet requirements
F = Project not turned in or completely insufficient
Digital Arts Department Rules

• No food or drink in the labs.
• No cell phones, or beepers on during class. ALWAYS remember to turn off your cellphone before class.
• No using head/ear phones, chatting online, emailing, my space/facebook/ or other online surfing during class.
• Hardware: No student is permitted to disconnect, reconnect, or reconfigure any workstation without the permission of a digital arts instructor. Any problems with hardware or software must be reported to a digital arts professor, preferably by email. Report should include name of workstation and exact nature of problem.

If you do not obey the rules, you will receive a first warning. If it happens again, you will be asked to leave the classroom plus receive one half a letter grade drop and a third time you will receive a full letter grade drop on your final grade.

My personal note: Professionals treat the equipment of others with respect, always. Nothing will make you as unpopular with an employer as breaking, messing up or otherwise ruining equipment and a working environment. Again, pls help keep our equipment intact and our working/learning environment clean.

Student Projects & Copyright Info

Projects created in any Digital Arts course may be used by the ART department for the purpose of promoting the student, the department and/or the university in general. These materials may also be used by the ART department for instructional purposes in future courses. Please inform the instructor if you do not want your projects used.

All images/digital files uploaded to your portfolio page and all final versions of work turned in to me MUST have your ownership, copyright and other pertinant information embedded in your file. Please get used to the idea of protecting your work by filling out the necessary information. Not including this information as part of your file will result in a grade drop.


Any student who wishes to discuss accommodations on the basis of a disability, please come talk to me after class or during office hours. The goal of the Disability Services for Students Office is to help provide equal access and reasonable accommodations to BGSU students with disabilities. Students wishing to discuss their eligibility for such accommodations are encouraged to contact their office at 372-8495 (413 South Hall).

If you have difficulty in another area (i.e. extroardinarily shy, has trouble speaking in front of others, etc.) pls see me during my office hours so we can discuss strategies to overcome/improve what you perceive to be possible weaknesses.