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1. Resume, due Sept. 14

This assignment is the first part of your presentation packet. It is extremely important as it may be the first thing a potential employer sees before deciding whether to invite you to interview (or not). This is a three-part assignment with a deadline. Both parts must be completed by the deadline in order to be considered complete.

1. Prepare your resume. This includes proper formatting.

2. Have your resume reviewed in the Career Center Drop-In Services and note the suggestions/comments you receive. NOTE: Drop-In Services hours are Tues. & Weds, 1-4pm,15 minute sessions, first come, first served.

3. Bring your improved resume to class on Sept. 14. Be prepared to talk about your experience.

BGSU's tremendously helpful Career Center

2. Find a job that suits you, due Sept. 14

Go here: Graphic Design and Printing Career Guide and find three to five job types that you think might interest you. (You may also go to the job boards listed on the resource page to look for real, available positions).

Follow their links and read the information. If you still think you're interested in this type of position, see how close you are to qualifying for it.

1. What qualifications/skills/type of portfolio do you need to create to get there?
2. How will you acquire the "missing" qualifications and how long will it take?
3. Can you realistically realize "filling in the gaps"?

Pls. print out the descriptions of the jobs you've chosen and a brief, written answer to the questions.
Be prepared to turn in the descriptions and answers on Tues, Sept. 14 and to present your findings to the class.

3. Design 3 versions of your business card, due Sept. 28

Decide on the "look" you would like to use in order to promote yourself and your work. Think about it as your own "corporate identity". Create a design that not only represents who you are today and what you are capable of, but also has appeal to the type of employer you want to hire you. Keep in mind that the design you use could be revised for use on letterhead, DVD covers & labels, stickers, mugs and other give-aways.

Use the dimensions cited on Vistaprint (see "document specifications")

Design 3 versions of your card. The three versions may use the same visual elements but must have varying layouts. Save your 3 designs on one page as a pdf document and please bring it to class on your keydrive.

4. Required reading & cover letter assignment, due Thursday, Oct. 7

Pls. read the following articles:

Are you committing career suicide?
Write a Cover Letter #1 Write a Cover Letter #2

Your assignment is to find three companies you'd like to apply to. Choose positions that you feel are within your grasp or almost within reach. Write 3 cover letters (i.e. one for each position). Take all 3 letters to the Career Center AND the Writing Center for correction. Put all three job descriptions and cover letter in a single pdf file in a folder called "cover letter" in your homework folder. DUE THURSDAY, OCT 7

Note: Make sure to include a line such as: "Thank you for considering me for this position" or "Thank you for your time" AND something like: "Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information".

Not mandatory, but you may want to enter this (remember: good on resume if your work is accepted!):

Valley Art Center 39th Annual Juried Art Exhibit

5. Read material & find student showreels, due Tuesday, Oct. 19

Pls. read the pdf I emailed you and read everything you'll find here: Dena's excellent links

Find 3 good quality student showreels and put the links in a textfile in your homework folder. Please email them to me too! If the student has a link to a website or blogsite, pls include those links as well. Be prepared to talk about theses students' works in class and consider how you can apply the best of their presentation ideas into your own work.

You should be continuously working on your own reels, websites and presentation packets on your own...
6. Digital artist health concerns – presentations, due Tuesday, Oct. 26

10-15 minute class presentations due on the health topic you "chose"... accompanying 2-5 page paper re same subject also due as pdf in homework folder and hard copy to turn in. Bibliography (i.e. sources including links) should accompany the paper/pdf.

For starters on this subject, pls. read:

  • Stand Up While You Read This!

  • 7. Contracts/Professionalism

  • Please download and read these documents, which are the current freelancer/independent contractor contract and agreement forms from Calabash Animation in Chicago.

    This example was given to us by Walter Behrnes, who obtained the copies from a friend in the biz:

    Freelance contract and invoice example

    If you have any questions regarding the terminology, bring them to class on November 22.
    And this AIGA pdf contains loads of valuable information regarding copyright, ethics, sales tax, agreements, and more:

    AIGA ethics 09

    Please also read the following:

  • Professionalism Facilitates Job Search Success
  • Professionalism
  • Tips from Employers
  • Being Politically Correct at Work

    You might find some of these Experience videos interesting...They are not CG/digital art related, but show various aspects of lots of career/student/job related videos.

    And just in case you wanted to give this another look: The vid that Andrew Hughes showed you: Did You Know?
  • Pricing your work

    Dena's in-class assignment

    NOTES RE FINAL PACKETS, DUE Dec 7th (Tues) and Dec 16th (Thurs) at 3:30 - 5:30

    Note: The 16th is the very last day you may present and turn in your packet. You will not receive it back the same day but will have to pick it up from the Art Office after the semester has ended. If you present/turn in your packet on Dec. 7th, it will be returned to you before the semester is over. DVD's, CD's and books will not be returned.

    Your final packet must include:

    • Current resume (hard copy and digital)
    • Cover letter (to a real company; job description must be included, hard copy and digital)
    • Artist's Statement (hard copy and digital)
    • Business card (can be a mock-up but must be printed on good quality paper with business card feel)
    • Showreel and/or slideshow (DVD or CD, this will not be returned)
    • DVD or CD Label (An image printed directly onto your cd or dvd is best.
    You can do that inexpensively here*)
    • "Packaging" for showreel and packet
    • Website
    • One book (any size you want. This will not be returned.)
    • One give-away promo item

    Everything about your packet should have a unified look. The documents should utilize the same font, font size, font color(s). Your showreel, its cover/label and your website should contain similar visual elements, recognizable as your "brand" or "image". Everything should have a unified style and it should be obvious that it stems from the same artist. "Packaging" must be neat and as professional as possible. Your package should be as original as possible and "stand out" from the competition (i.e. everyone else in the world). It should be complete and represent to the best of your ability the skills and talent you have to offer.

    Your Artist's Statement should be concise, clear and true to your work/interests.

    When you present:

    Your presentation should be professionally prepared, rehearsed, and last at least 15 minutes. You should be ready to speak intelligently about yourself, your packet and your work. You will show:

    Your updated BGSU website. If you have a different one, then the BGSU website should redirect users to it.

    Visual Materials (showreel, slideshow, give-aways, etc.)

    Your promo book

    Work must be ready prior to start of class.

    The Student Technology Center Location and Hours

  • 8. Using social media to get your work & names out there...and potential dangers

    youtube: introducing the shortlist:

    Social networking sites aren't always a positive or safe route to go. These articles point out some of the dangers:

    Facebook 'accidentally outing gay users'...

    German firms blocking Facebook over security: report

    Facebook unveils multifaceted communications platform: Though CEO Mark Zuckerberg didn't go as far as declaring e-mail dead...

    Dangers of multi-tasking:

    Video: Multi-Tasking is Bad For Your Brain. Here's How To Fix It

    BGSU alumni & alumni reading (& discussion) assignment

    Andrew Hughes, BGSU alumnus and President of Designing Digitally in Franklin, Ohio.

    Please read this BGSU Alumni survey and do the following:
    Take notes and make comments. Include answers to these questions:

    Are BFA Digital Arts graduates doing what you expected?

    Here are some Showreels found by Dena's students AND BGSU alumni showreels including Hunter Grant's showreel.