Assignments - Fall 2010 - ARTC 2210 - Bowling Green State University
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Turning in assignments
• Projects/assignments are due in the Homework folder prior to the beginning of class.

• Deadlines must be kept unless I specifically state otherwise. Pls email me if you are in doubt. Instructions are given for each assignment and must be adhered to in order for your work to be graded.

• When turning in assignments, use the following convention: Create a folder with the Assignment number and title and place your files inside that folder. All finals are to use the word "final" in their names and are to be colored green. Inside the assignment folder should also be a folder entitled "Source material" for the original material you worked from (when applicable).
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Assignment 1 Emotive Image
Exploring blending modes and layer styles

(sent via email)

Brief description: Find 5 personal photographs you own the rights to. Using blending modes, layer styles, blurring, transformations and cropping, change the emotive expression of the photo(s). You may use one or more photos (i.e. you may combine them by making selections and pasting).

Examples of emotive paintings shown in class

Emotive images by women with breast cancer.pdf

were taken from the following book:

Lilly Oncology on Canvas 2006

Assignment 2

BGSU Alternate Environment ,
compositing and color correction


Take a photo of any building on campus. The building must be a BGSU building.

Note the lighting on the building:

• Which direction is the light coming from?
• What is the overall color of the light? What are the colors of the shadows?
• Is the light bright or a dimmer or subtle light?
• Are the shadows hard, soft, barely visible?

All of the qualities involving light and perspective will be very important, esp when considering what kind of second object you'll photograph:

Photograph an object which will serve as the "environment" for the building. This environment must be TOTALLY UNUSUAL AND UNPREDICTABLE. The viewer should be totally surprised by the combination of the 2 disparate elements. There should be a discrepency between the usual, expected scales between the building and its new environment.


• Stadium in a cut-open milk carton.
• sorority house in a geode.

When putting together your montage you will need to consider the following factors:

• scale (disparate, unusual size relationship)
• perspective (shoot the environment to – at the very least – make fitting the building into the environment plausible.)
• relationship to environment (Is there a contextual relationship? Does it create a visual contrast or do the elements share visual similarities)
• compare light between 2 elements
• compare color, sharpness, saturation, contrast...(they'll have to match in the final version)

Remember: The setting cannot be a natural setting in which you would expect to see the building.

Finally: Create 3 different, roughly composited montages of the building(s) you photographed in their new environments. We'll look at these on Tues as a group to help determine which montage has the most potential to be visually arresting and workable.

After your image's quality is the best you can achieve, print your final image in the Print Lab, Room 202 (second floor), School of Art. Please read and follow the online upload instructions carefully. If you have questions, seek out the help of the PIP lab personnel early. Note: There is a 48-hour turn-around period for printing. Upload your image early enough so you can bring it to class on Tuesday, Sept. 28. All images are to be printed on Luster Photo Paper.

Dimensions: Your image should not be larger than 12" in any direction. Your image should be 300dpi.

Highly recommended: Take your image to the Printlab and ask to see a "preview" of your image on the monitor before it goes to print.

Note: Your work will be graded only after it is turned in as a print. The quality of the printed version will factor into the grade.

Due Sept. 13:
Photographs of elements

3 different, veryroughly composited montages


Some examples of buildings in unexpected environs – Magritte did hte paintings and Neezhom did the photo montages:

examples of bldgs in unusual environs.pdf

1st Critique of finals:
Tues., Sept. 22


Revised finals due:
Thurs., Sept. 24




Prints due:
Tuesday, Sept. 28

Note: Prints are not to exceed 12" in any direction. You will have to pay for your print with your BGSU1 card, so make sure you have enough funds on your card to cover the cost of your print.


Assignment 3

Create paintbrushes

Create 8 paintbrush tips from "images"
Try using the paintbrush tips you created in varying sizes, with varying blending modes, etc.. In other words, push to see how much variation you can get out each brush tip you create.
Demonstrate in a single, separate document how each paintbrush tip looks "in action". The documents should have a white background and be 300dpi. Each paintrbrush tip should be given sufficient room on the document to "show it off" (at the very least, a few rows).

If you want to show off what your brush can do in other documents as well, go ahead. That won't add or subtract from your grade.

Keep the source material image from which you made the tip. The source material must be your own.

Put all of your brushtip source images and the document showing what your brushtips do in a folder entitled "Assigment 3". The Assignment 3 folder must be in your homework folder.

HEADS UP! 7-day free tutorial trial!

Due Tuesday, Sept. 28


The 3D Brush Preview - Photoshop CS5: Painting with the Mixer Brush

How to make a photoshop brush tutorial

Project 1 Caricature/Grotesque

Please read by Thursday, Sept. 30: Caricature (Wikipedia)

Here is a nice description of The Grotesque

This assignment will involve exploring the characteristics of caricatures and grotesque art. We will look at various artists who employ caricature, distortion and work with grotesque imagery.

You'll also be creating a piece of art that will include caricature and/or grotesque imagery. This digital piece must be 300dpi since a print will be required of the final version.

You will begin by choosing among your friends, family and/or acquaintances a subject for your caricature and/or grotesque art piece. One or more of these people will be the subject of your work. You may have more than one person in your piece. The photos you utilize of your subject must be your own.

Your artwork must fill the canvas (vignettes are allowed if used purposefully). You should make a rich image, including a background and suppotive "accessories"/visual elements.

Due October 5:

You should have 2 different concepts for artworks to present to the class. These should be rough sketches and/or montages that include your subject(s), ideas for backgrounds and other elements of the image. Your visuals can be photoshop documents or psd's. Please put them in a folder entitled: Caricature/Grotesque concept in your homework folder.

You should be able to explain to the class basic ideas about what you would like to communicate about your subject, your working and visual approach to the piece, the mood, visual style(s) you intend to use and what types of other visual elements you'll include. If you have accessories you've chosen, please place them on ONE pdf or in a separate folder so it will be easier to view them. If you are considering several background(s), they can should be included in a photoshop file on several layers or in a separate folder.

Project 1 - Caricature/Grotesque Portrait

Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Joel Peter Witkin

Read: Max Beerbohm about a current Grotesque Cartoon Network Animated Series?

Detailed caricature and incredible digital painting:
Mad Magazine

Required reading:
modern art and the grotesque

More artists associated with grotesque art:


Mid-term conferences and work-in-class: Oct 5th and 7th

ATTENTION: In-class QUIZ on grotesque art and caricature, NEW SURPRISE DATE!!

Read the articles, pdf's linked on this page. Follow the links to the listed artists' work and examine their approaches to caricature and/or grotesque art. Be prepared to list several artists and be able to briefly describe their approaches to art and also specifically the topics "grotesque" and "caricature".

The quiz will be based on the readings, especially keywords listed in the desciptions and info re the artists.
Photoshop skills required for final caricature and/or grotesque image:
  • Use of masks (used with filters or adjustment layers)
  • digital painting
  • liquify
  • filter(s)
  • Efficient organization of layers and associated files
NEW ASSIGNMENT, preparation due Nov. 16
Find five images in which type and digital imagery are combined in a creative, innovative and visually arresting way. These images can come from any source, including google or bing.
This part of your work is research.

Find 3 Haiku poems that include references to strong visuals and/or sensations if possible.

Find 5 fonts that might fit stylistically to the poems you found.

Be prepared to show all of this in class.

Make screenshots of the fonts you choose OR type examples of the fonts you choose and put the docs in your homework folder in a folder entitled "Haiku").

This is how you make screenshots using a Mac:

Taking screenshots with Macs

Should you be dissatisfied with the assortment of fonts on your computer, here are some sites where you can download free fonts. If you know of other good font sites, pls email them to me and I'll post them!

  • dafont

  • searchfreefonts


  • fonts101

  • abstractfonts


    Presentations will be assigned at various times during the semester to varying students. By the end of the semester every student will have made at least two class presentations


    New Media; expansions on Flavia Sparacino's projects:
    (names will be forthcoming)