Useful Resources & Tips
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Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • MacOS SnowLeopard Keyboard Shortcuts (pdf)

  • Photoshop's default shortcut keys can be found by doing this: In the Photoshop menu at the top of the page, go --> Edit --> Keyboard Shortcuts (there's a shortcut for this too, natch! It's command + opt + shift + k ) if you want to see all of them at once, click on the button "summarize" at the right. There's your list which you can save and/or print out.

  • Excellent Youtube vid on layer keyboard shortcuts:
    Screencast 6: 65 Layers tips in 8 minutes

    Blending modes Youtube vids:
  • Photoshop Tutorial: Layer Blending Mode Intro
  • Photoshop Tutorial: Overlay Pt. 2 - High Pass

    For Advanced Photoshop students:
    Photoshop Tutorial: Overlay Pt. 3 - Contrast

    EXCELLENT Peachpit presentation on three very important blendmodes:
    Multiply, Screen & Overlay Blend Modes in Photoshop

    ...and a bit of insanity for more advanced Photoshop students:
    Photoshop Screen and Multiply Blend Modes

    Some good free tutorials:

    Photoshop CS5 Essential Training

    Watch these:

    Chapter 9 resize vs resample

    Chapter 10 Preserving the important elements with content aware scaling

    You can also watch any other tutorial that's underlined!

  • Digital Camera

    Digital Camera terminology

  • DSLR Camera Lenses and Their Abbreviations (pdf)
  • Tools to enhance expressiveness:

    Cropping Photos: Every Picture Tells a Story