Class Schedule - Spring 2014 - ARTC 3100 - Bowling Green State University
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Final Project Description

Sound Library Tutorial

Canon T3i Simple Manual

  • This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.
  Schedule: Assignment:
Week 1

1/13 Mon


Flipbook, Zoetropes

Intro to Animation Techniques

  • Class objectives & expectations
  • Screening
  • Demo: Animating with a Light Table (for Zoetrope and Flipbook)

Assigned: Due 1/22

zoetrope template will be provided


1/15 Wed

Timing 24fps


  • Zoetropes

24-Frames-Per-Second, Trajectory

Assigned: Due 1/22


Week 2

1/20 Mon

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No Class


1/22 Wed




  • Flipbooks
  • Bouncing Ball Animation (minimum 5 seconds)




  • Bouncing Ball animation (min. 5 sec.)
  • 2 Flipbook: Event, Morph

Week 3

1/27 Mon

Object 1


Animate a 3D object under the camera that depicts personality and emotion. (Requirement: the animation should be at least 5 seconds) - Wed 2/5

  • Demo: Technical training of using DSLR
  • Groupd Arrangement for the 1/29 Group project
  • Note: Can use Tripod or Copystand


  • Bring Objects to class for in-class exercise, due 1/29
  • Production Lab Sign-up Sheet

1/29 Wed

Object 2


In Class Group Project:

  • Group Object Animation Project (graded, 1 hour)
    • Film length: 10 Second minimum
    • Proudction time: 1 hour, including downloading the pictures into class server and personal local drives
    • Final Film should include film title, credit, and music.
    • Film Due 2/3


  • IMPORTANT: The scratch on film is DUE Wednesday 2/5.
    If you do not bring it in, you receive an F
    No LATE assignments will be accepted.
  • Bring Food Animation Material for in-class food animation project, due 2/3 and 2/5


  • Bring Objects to class
Week 4

2/3 Mon

Replacement +Transition: Food

Screening: Groupd Objection Animation

Replacement Animation and Animated Object Transitions (10 min)

In Class Group Project:

  • Food Animation - Due2/12: Animate food and use the replacement technique.
    • Animate a scenario that involves Anticipation, Squash & Stretch, and use food to create transition.
    • No liquids, perishables, no raw meat.
    • Each Group (2 persons) will have 60 minuites in class to proudce work.
    • Each group has to produce 4 seconds minimum of content.
  • Note:
    1. Prepare your idea for the animation prior to coming to the lab. But be open minded so you can animate from the previous student's setup.

    2. Clean up the spill or mess, while leaving your animation setup for the next student. The last person in the sequence will need to clean up the food.

In Class Assignment:



  • Bring in Food Animation Material
  • Group Object Animation


2/5 Wed

Replacement +Transition: Food



In Class Assignment:


  • Bring in Food Animation Material
  • Scratch on Film Assignment
  • Object Animation
Week 5

2/10 Mon

Paper Cut-out

Critique: Object Animation

Cut-out Animation



  • Bouncing-Ball character with Obstacles
  • Name Slate
  • Object Animation
  • Scratch on Film

2/12 Wed

A.E. Puppet

Critique: Bouncing-ball-like character with Obstacles

Look at Cut out puppets and elements,and backgrounds

More Cut-Out Screening, and After Effect Part 2

Sound Design & Sound Library


  • Add sound design to your food animation or one of the past assignments ( Object animation, bouncing ball with obstacles, etc.),in-class Assignment, due 2/17
  • Arrangement for Rotoscope Footage Shoot on 2/17



  • Puppet or Elements and Background
  • Bouncing-Ball character with obstacles
Week 6

2/17 Mon


Critique: Scratch-on-Film animation

Introduce rotoscope animation




2/19 Wed


Critique: Cut-Out Animation

Rotoscope in class (Work-in-class)

Possibilites of Rotoscope

Critique / Feedback form for Cut-Out Animation

View your Feedback for Cut-Out Animation


  • Cut-Out Animation with sound
  • Rotoscope Tracing on paper
Week 7

2/24 Mon


Introduce sand animation



2/26 Wed


Introduce the pixilation technique

Pixilation In-Class Exercise



Week 8

3/3 Mon



Group Presentation: 10 - 15 min per group

  • Anticipation: Courtney, Megan
  • Exaggeration: Ryan, Emily
  •  Follow Through / Overlapping Action: Alex, Zak
  • Straight ahead vs Pose to Pose: Lydia, Nick
  • Secondary Action: Sarah, Briahna
  • Staging: Colby, Gretchen
  • Appeal: Allee, Rachel
  • Solid Drawing: Kathryn, Chelsea



  • Sand Animation

3/5 Wed

Pixilation: in-class Production, due 3/19


Week 9

3/10 Mon


Spring Break



3/12 Wed

Spring Break


Week 10


Paint on glass

Critique: Paint on Glass Animation

Animating clay


  • Clay Animation:Transformation/ Metamorphosis, due 3/24
    • Explore the qualities of clay: plasticity, elasticity, weight, and texture. Incorporate one morph and one replacement technique. Include overlapping action, secondary motion or follow through

Group Presentation: 10 - 15 min per group

  • Exaggeration: Ryan, Emily
  •  Follow Through / Overlapping Action: Alex, Zak
  • Straight ahead vs Pose to Pose: Lydia, Nick
  • Secondary Action: Sarah, Briahna




  • Paint on Glass Animation
3/19 Wed

Critique: Pixilation Animation

A.E. Puppet in After Effect: (importing Photoshop files, setting keys, animating with transform tools (move, scale, rotate), Animation Easy Ease

Screening: Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets


Group Presentation: 10 - 15 min per group

  • Staging: Colby, Gretchen
  • Appeal: Allee, Rachel
  • Solid Drawing: Kathryn, Chelsea
  • Pixilation animation
Week 11

3/24 Mon


Critique: Clay Animation

Stopmotion Animation

How to Build a Puppet


Student will create / prepare simple 3D puppet and a simple set, and create a short animation


  • Due 4/30: Final Animation
    • The final project is required to have sound track and sound design.
  • Due 4/2: Final proposal
  • Due 4/9: storyboard

Assigned: 3/26

  • Bring Flashlights or your own lightng device.
  • Bring Color Gels


  • Clay animation

3/26 Wed

Light Painting


Critique: A.E. Puppet Pin Animation

Light Painting Animation

In-Class Exercise: Light Painting


  • A.E. Puppet Pin Tool Animation
  • Bring Flashlights and Color Gels
Week 12

3/31 Mon

Critique: Stop-Motion Puppet Animation

Ligting Painting Animation In-Class Group Assignment, due 4/7

Rotoscope Design on paper lab session, due 4/7



  • Stop-Motion Puppet Animation
  • Bring Flashlights and Color Gels


4/2 Wed

Critique: Final Project Proposal


  • Final Project Proposal
Week 13

4/7 Mon

Critique: Rotoscope Animation

Critique: Light Painting Animation

Final Projet Production Tools:


  • Rotoscope Animation
  • Light Painting Animation
4/9 Wed

Critique: Storyboard / Visual Guide Presentation

Due:Storyboard / Visual Guide

Week 14
4/14 Mon

Work-in-Class Individual meetings


  • Work on sound design, animatics, credits, camera work


4/16 Wed

Critique: 1/3 done with audio


Due: Storyboard


Week 15
4/21 Mon

Screening of animation

Work-in-Class Individual meetings

Due: Animation Screening links
4/23 Wed


Critique: 2/3 done with audio

Screening of Animation

Due: 2/3 done final animation

Week 16
4/28 Mon

Screening of animation

Work-in-Class Individual meetings



4/30 Wed

Final Critique

Classroom Cleanup

  • Due: Final Animation
Week 17

5/9 Fri

10:45 - 12:45

Final Film Submission (Upload the final corrected film online before 12:45 p.m. Friday, May 9th)

Note: Final Film Submission Format

Video: HD 1920*1080

Video Codec: H.264, MOV file

Sound: AAC

Film should have beginning title and ending credit.