Tentative Topics
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Students, in groups of 2, will be assigned an animation principle to research and present. The presentations are10-15 minutes maximum and should focus on demonstrating the principle with examples and definition. Students can acting it out, find animation clips or create animation examples.

Principles of Animation


Anticipation: Courtney, Megan

Exaggeration: Ryan, Emily

Follow Through / Overlapping Action: Alex, Zak

Straight ahead vs Pose to Pose: Lydia, Nick

Secondary Action: Sarah, Briahna

Staging: Colby, Gretchen

Appeal: Allee, Rachel

Solid Drawing: Kathryn, Chelsea

-----Squash and Stretch

-----Slow In and Slow Out (Ease in/Out)

-----Timing (and spacing)


* 10-15 minutes a piece