Course notes
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Intro to Animation, Flipbooks, Photoshop Animation Day 1 Day 2
Timing, Photoshop Animation, Scratch on Film Day 1 Day 2
Bringing Objects to Life Day 1 Day 2
Camera Settings, Replacement Animation, Food Animation Day 1 Day 2
Cut Paper Animation, Name Slate, AE flip and effects demo Day 1 Day 2
After Effect Puppet Pin Tool Day 1 Day 2
Clay Animation: Transformation and Metamorphosis Day 1 Day 2
Pixilation Day 1 Day 2
Sand Animation Day 1 Day 2
Rotoscoping and Paint on Glass Day 1 Day 2
Puppet Animation Day 1 Day 2
Audio, After Effects and Storyboards Day 1 Day 2
Final Animation Production Day 1 Day 2
Two Thirds done Final Animation Day 1 Day 2
  Day 1 Day 2

Important Tutorials:

Technical Tutorials:
Frame by Frame Animation in Photoshop After Effects Green screen, keying, luma matte, fade, timing
Video Layer Animation in Photoshop  
Scanning the Flipbooks  
Intro to After Effects  
After Effects Flip, Image Adjustment Effects, H.264 render  
Making a Cut Paper Jointed Puppet (Instructables)  
Importing Images using Image Capture  
After Effects Puppet Pin Tool  
Using the Zoom Recorder  
Sound Track Pro Tutorial