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[ Lectures and Technical Notes ]
 Lecture 2: Twelve Principles of Animation And Animating with Photoshop
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Principles of Animation:
Principles of Animation
Technical Demos

Making Flipbook

  • Using paper and registration on a light table
  • Aligning cards correctly
  • Using onion skinning technique - 3 cards stacked
Animating with Photoshop

Link to:

Frame by Frame Animation in Photoshop

Video Layer Animation in Photoshop

Exporting the Final Animation
File - Export - Render Video
Name it
Select where you want to save it (select folder)

Click Quicktime Export - Settings
  • Video Settings
  • Compression:
    • H.264 for animations
  • Frame Rate = Current or 15 fps
  • Compressor = High NOT Best
  • OK
No Optimize for Internet Streaming - OK

Set size or use Document size
You can set the range to render
You can also set the Alpha - transparency
Set Frame Rate or use the Document Frame Rate


Bouncing Ball In class exercise

Focus on the path of action and timing

Assignment due: Tue 9/3