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 Lecture 17: Sand Animation

Assignment: Sand Animation

Group Presentations:

- Group Presentation: Beat and Rhythm (editing)
- Group Presentation: Action / reaction (in acting)
* Group Presentation: Pose and Silhouette (section 5 only)

Sand Animation Discussion
- ask about materiality of sand
- what would be appropriate type of animation for sand animation?


The Owl Who Married a Goose: An Eskimo Legend, by Caroline Leaf (7:41)

NO CORRAS TANTO, by Cesar Díaz (4:44)
Making of No Corras Tanto (3:52)

Promised Land, by Benjamin Probanza (5:58)


Assignment Examples:

If there is time:

Sand Animation "Love Story"...techniques using hand and gesture, but not the way to do for the assignment (time-laps) (7:00)

Tracks, Corrie Francis Parks (2:06)

Demonstration, In-class Exercise:

- Show underlit and both top and underlit techniques
- Show how to move sand with finger or brush

Camera Settings:

ISO 100, F6.3, Shutter 1/20

Both Underlit and Toplit:
ISO 100, F6.3, Shutter 1/30

Intro to Rotoscoping (will be in-class assignment):

Snack and Drink by Bob Sabiston and Tommy Pallotta (3:47)

In-class exercise:
*** whole class come up with idea on a skit or short performance
The length of the performance must be 4 second times the number of students in the class - add a few seconds on either end to give you a good amount to work with.

- select an editor
- select a person to choose music

Different techniques students can use:

1. Photoshop
2. Hand Drawn, Painted, marker, pastels, etc. (print out each page) 12 frames per second
3. Cut paper, object, or other technique.

1. Students need to leave the background white, which means no original background.
2. Follow the outline of person on first and last frame but inbetween those frames you can get creative and distort or morph or completely change the person(s)
3. Recommended: No more than 2 people in the frame at a time.

Instructions on how to use the Canon T3i for video