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 Lecture 27: Final Project Progress


Playlist of all animations:

Jeff Laclede
Space Intruder Sander van Kessel 4:38
Tord och Tord Niki Lindroth von Bahr 11:00
Dead Cruiser Unlisted (Records Makrers EP) 3:11

Scott Henley

Turtle's Escape Angie Pickman 4:14
RiRi Miyuki Hosotani 6:08
Snoeck - Here with me Mira de Graaf 2:24

Leila Elhallak

White Winter Hymn Sam Pecknold 2:28
Out of a Forest Katrine Kiilerich, Frederik Villumsen, hristophe Peladan, Tobias Gundorff Boesen 5:53
Mary & Max Adam Elliott 2:05

Chelsea Donovan

Spongebob Squarepants - Suds Treatment Edgar Larrazabal 1:22
Animation/Pixilation Short Film Joe Weller 3:55
Paper cut out Animation Prisa Rianzi 1:19

Xiao Yang

Claycat's THE RAID Lee Hardcastle 03:05
Otis and the Puppy Based on Story by Loren Long 00:51
The Backwater Gospel The Animation Workshop 09:32

Chloe Rose

A Short Love Story in Stop Motion Carlos Lascano 03:11
Oneironaut Erica Kobren 2:09
Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation (Ukraine's Got Talent) Kseniya Simonova 8:33

Chloe Cherubin

Black Widow Gone Wild Patrick Bovin 1:08
Berserk Frakuh 2:13
Matrix Fight Scene Gal ritchie 1:14

Jordyn Durk

Flight of the bee in Lego Stop Motion
Jay Klink 1:08
The Lonely Pianist: Stop Motion HD. Chimichangafilms 0:29
Asian Joe Piano - c.a.t.s. Asianfoskco 1:29

Cindy Hesson
Ode to Pegasus, Perseus & Andromeda. From the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans 5:16
Pegasus Flight Animation made with DAZ 3D Studio and life footage compositing Tadeusz Jasienski 0.09
Stop-Motion Wooden Horse AndienaJones21 0.13

mike noss
Apple Gamma Commercial APPLE 00:30
Death of Wormboy conorfinnegan 01:54
Sensory overload Miguel Jiron 02:16

Megan VanBuskirk
Tyranozilla Cut-Out Animation Sean M. 01:00
Prototype Crayon Animation-Rocket Ship Trip technogourmet 01:11
Evolution! Tyler Rhodes 03:40

Sean Carver
RiRi Miyuki Hosotani 06:08
Front Page Lukas Allenbaugh 05:47
Cloud Bread GIMC 07:21

Kris Ashburn
Fat City Reprise Cesar Kuriyama 04:15
DEADLINE Bang-Yao Liu 01:55
T-Shirt War Billy Reid 03:48

Kalyn Ford
Animal Love Antony Elworthy 03:22
Claymation: Teatime Adventure No name available 01:57
Object Aniamtion Ben Nimes 01:33

Emily Carmichael
Sand animation of animals Sigrids Astrup 0:56
Stop motion circus elephant Shih Hsin 1:29
Mighty Joe Young 1949 N/A 1:47

dina abdulkarim
Retouches George Schwizgebel 05:37
Forgetfulness Julian Grey of Headgear 01:50
The Pearce Sisters Luis Cook 09:16

keith roscoe
The Paper & The Plane All That I Had Graphic Armada 03:25
Hand of Flame v5(Lee) Lee Johnson 00:14
Flow of Water Justin Seibert 01:06

JD Rowe
Rotoscoping Exercise Vilushis 1:39
South Park - "Jesus vs. Santa" [VERY EXPLICIT] Trey Parker and Matt Stone 5:13
Rotoscope Animation by RC PoP Art RobbieConaway 0:49

Kyle Fox
Internet Stop Motion Animation TheUndec1der 01:39
Object Animation lawyer107 01:33
Pixilation "Keep on Dancing" trickfilmnoir 01:31

Emily Domalski
Young Galaxy - Blown Minded Carine Khalifé 03:24
The Whale 4:36
Animation Showreel Em Cooper 1:57

Gary Tsun Tsin Leung
Clip from Bakemonogatari Shaft, Inc. 00:36
Clip from Madoka Magica Shaft, Inc. 03:03
Happy Holidays from Candy Cane Valley Point to Point, inc. 2:04

Time travel project Norman Gnome 0:42
Gulp. The world's largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8. Nokia HD 1:32

Kirsten McLaughlin
An Alien Claymation Lee Hardcastle 02:45
trust animation claymation ZombieRaisingRyan 00:31
The Neverhood - The Weasel Chase Doug TenNapel 02:39

Margo Freed
United Airlines: Sea Orchestra Rhapsody in Blue The Black Heart Gang 1:01 g
Opening Credits of 101 Dalmatians Disney - George Burns 3:16
Airship - Algebra Gary Dumbill 3:26

Colleen Murphy
The Deer Rachel Lin Weaver 04:42
Ursus Atom Art 10:30
Taking Flight Melissa Vad Der Paardt 03:59

Heather Sudman
Indian Shadow Puppet Animation Gul Ramani 00:00-03:45
Salome Jan Pfenninger 00:00-9:18
The Magic Horse Lotte Reiniger 00:00-10:30

Nathan Stockton
Super Mario Beads Marcus Knutsson and Hannes Knutsson 00:43
League of Legends - Stick Figure Spotlight 01:12
Iron Man Anime Trailer MadHouse 01:58

Christopher P.D. Mustard
ryu vs scorpion Avut 4:20
Archer - Danger Zone FX 1:40
Smash Bros. Fatalities dorkly 1:02

Blob Nylme7 00:55
Gary & Nigel Aardman Studios Approx. 01:00
Rocko's Modern Life Joe Muray 11:00

Chelsea Maurer
Something Left, Something Taken Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata 10:14
United Air Commerical Jamie Caliri 1:00
Caldera Evan Viera 11:23

Tim Artressia
Skyrim Badass Freddie wong 01:31
Future First Person Shooter Freddie Wong 02:02
Light War Freddie Wong 01:08

cecilia shanshui
romance Shanghai Animation Film Studio 17 Part 1
romance Shanghai Animation Film Studio 17 Part 2
magic flute Shanghai Animation Film Studio 20:00 Part 1
magic flute Shanghai Animation Film Studio 20:00 Part 2
The Turtle and the Crane . N/A 1:10