Tentative Topics
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Students, in groups of 2, will be assigned an animation principle to research and present. The presentations are10 minutes maximum and should focus on demonstrating the principle with examples and definition. Students can acting it out, find animation clips or create animation examples.

Principles of Animation

9/19- Squash and Stretch - Jeremy, Rachel

9/19- Anticipation - Megan, Stacey

9/19- Slow In and Slow Out (Ease in/Out) - Jennifer, Ashleigh

9/19- Timing (and spacing) - Eric, Michael

10/15-Pose / Silhouette - Casey, Sarah

10/15- Line of Action - Abigail, Veronica

10/15-Staging - Thomas

10/22-Arcs - Cassie, Casandra

10/22-Exaggeration - Jennifer, Ashleigh

10/22-Balance and Weight - Cassie, Casandra

10/24-Follow Through / Overlapping Action - Abigail, Veronica

10/24-Straight ahead vs Pose to Pose - Casey, Sarah

10/24-Secondary Action - Eric, Michael

10/24-Appeal - Thomas

10/31-Solid Drawing- Megan, Stacey

10/31-Beat and Rhythm- Jeremy, Rachel

10 minutes a piece