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 Lecture 24: Final Project Storyboards

Puppet animation

Play Doh Bunnies - Sony Bravia Commercial (01:37)

Making of Play Doh Bunnies: (09:37)

Spinto Band "Oh Mandy" (03:30)

This Is Where We Live (02:47)

"Bottle" by Kirsten Lepore (05:25)

CARDBOARD a cardboard animation! (2:30)

The Thomas Beale Cipher (10:18)

Group Critiques of Storyboards:

4 groups of 4-5 students

The Animator (maximum of 5 minutes)

1. Discuss the project

Others in the group (5 minutes of discussion for each storyboard):

1. Ask questions for clarification

2. Give suggestions for improvement

3. Give comments on what you like about the proposal and WHY.

4. Other comments

Go to your seat and fill out a form for each person in the group (not your own)

Click here for the form (fill out 3 different ones)

Each group has one representative that gives an overview of the main issues (5 minutes a piece)

1. Short description of projects

2. Positive aspects of the project

3. Things that need to be worked on