Assignments - Fall 2012 - ARTC 4130 - Bowling Green State University
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Turning in files
• Assignments are due in the Homework folder prior to the beginning of class.
• Revised project files are due exactly one week from the critique due date or they will receive a zero.
• When turning in assignments, use the following naming convention: username_project1, username_exercise1, etc.
Description Dates
Items to turn in for a final grade:

  1. Animation Bible with
    1. Cover page with title and image (one page)
    2. Table of Contents (one page)
    3. Concept Statement, Premise, Six sentence story (one page)
    4. Expanded Premise (one page)
    5. Character description in paragraph form (one page for each character and should include drawing of character)
    6. Script - must be presented in professional script writing format (maximum of 3 pages)
    7. Character model sheets (drawing) (one page)
    8. Pose and expression concept artwork of character (at least 6 poses and 6 facial expressions)
    9. Maya textured and rendered image of character (1 page)
    10. Setting and character concept art drawn (not 3D maya image)
    11. 3D render(s) of environment/setting
    12. Character in the setting image(s) (drawn)
    13. Additional concept art (props, secondary characters, etc.) - optional
    14. Storyboard (reproduction in a size that fits in the notebook)

  2. DVD containing the following:
    1. Finished animation as a Quicktime H.264
    2. Animatic as a Quicktime H.264
    3. Maya model of 3D environment
    4. Maya model of character rigged and textured
    5. Concept art
    The DVD needs to be inserted into a DVD sleeve in the back of the Bible.

    Be prepared to show it and talk about it.

Intro. Assignments
Read Chapter 1 of Ideas for the Animated Short by Karen Sullivan

There will be an inclass, closed book quiz over the material on Wednesday.

Purchase this book ASAP because we will use it a lot this semester.

Assignment: Create a BGSU Class Blog

To do: Create a blog on By default, it will create the blog with your username and this blog will be for you to use throughout the time you are at BGSU.

Create another blog for the class:
Go to and log in then click on Dashboard on the right.
In Dashboard, to to My Sites>Create a New Site
Under Site Name type artc4130username - replace username with YOUR username
It is IMPORTANT to use this naming scheme.

Site Title should be Your name's ARTC 4130 Blog
It does not matter if you want your blog to appear in the search engine.

Site Type: Student
Site Subtype: College of Arts and Sciences

Click Create Site

On the next page, click LOG IN (in the text)

Go to Dashboard > Appearance:

At Search Installed Themes at screen right, type in Mandigo
At the top right, click Activate "Mandigo"

***USE the Photoshop template I provide you in the homework folder to add your image. The Blog template chops off a part of your image so the photoshop file compensates for that. Make sure you turn off the "Turn off before Saving" folder in the Photoshop Layers before using Save for Web & Devices.

In the blog Dashboard: In the Appearance sections select Custom Image Header
(You need to have an image ready to go that is 800 wide x 250 high JPG)

Click Choose File and select your image. Upload

To see it, click Visit Site on top

To customize the side bar, click Appearance - Widgets then
Drag/drop the following to Sidebar1:
Add Calendar
Add Links
Add Recent Posts
Add Recent Comments

Go to the Comments menu item and remove the first comment (check mark on it and Bulk Actions: Move to Trash), Click APPLY

Click Settings menu and change the Tagline to Advanced Character Animation
Save Changes

Click the Arrow next to Settings and select Discussion
UNCHECK- A comment is held for moderation
UNCHECK - Comment author must have a previously approved comment
Save Changes

  1. To add something to your blog use the POSTS - Add New - Don't forget to click Publish
  2. To change a posting, use the Edit - Don't forget to click Update Post
  3. To add images to a blog page, use the Media - Add New link. Use the Browser Uploader if you have any problems.
  4. Test to make sure we can get to the blog from the class website (Student Page).
We will be using the blog to post ideas, research, exercises and assignments as well as using it to critique each others work.

Assignment: Write Six Concept Statements

Develop six concept statements and premises for possible stories and post them on your blog. Do not worry about working out the details of the story.

Concept statement is ONE short sentence - it is the underlying idea - the deeper meaning.

A possible concept would typically be one sentence long (ex: There is a thin line between genius and insanity.)

Premise is a SHORT overview of the plot of the story. It introduces the main character and the main conflict and resolution.

A premise would be a few sentences (ex: A one legged cube-man insanely keeps trying to fit into round holes in the wall. The shape of the holes have historically forced the society to be segregated into 2 groups. Through trial and error, he figures out how to fit into the holes thus the two groups meet and become a united society.

Focus on the idea that you would like to explore. Think about issues that are thought provoking and deal with humanity and life. Consider environmental, social or personal issues as story ideas.

Be prepared to share your story ideas with the class.


  • The concept statements and premises must be posted on the blog
  • Use the format:

    1. Concept Statement 1:
      Premise 1:

    2. Concept Statement 2:
      Premise 2:

    3. Concept Statement 3:
      Premise 3:

    4. Concept Statement 4:
      Premise 4:

    5. Concept Statement 5:
      Premise 5:

    6. Concept Statement 6:
      Premise 6:

See the Story Development Rules to make sure your ideas satisfy the requirements.

Possible story ideas to start with:

- A funny thing happened to me on the way to school
- Character is trying to go somewhere but an obstacle gets in the way
- A love affair between the character and an object - it goes wrong or it is love ever after
- A character finds himself in a strange place where nothing is like it seems
- The character really wants it and he will get it or no one gets it
- A character has a serious character flaw that appears to be a problem but it turns out to be an asset
- Try to demonstrate something (infomercial) but everything goes wrong
- The past is haunting the character and the character needs to overcome this
- The character is having trouble getting rid of something but it needs to go in order for them to finish the job
- Can't sleep and does various things to try to get to sleep
- Not enough money to buy something that the character really needs and he comes up with a creative solution to get the money
- A character does something that causes a chain reaction and a series of strange things happen

Stories that are more metaphorical in nature:
Tell a story in a nonliteral way, get the user thinking about the issue by using metaphor:

- pick any of the seven deadly sins and think about how you can make a hidden statement about it.
- think about deep human emotions (any powerful emotion) and explore the cause and effect of the emotion

Due: See class notes

Assignment: Find 5 Creative Characters online

Collect 5 different images of characters that you think are unique and very creative. Post the images on a PAGE on your blog. Write2-3 sentences why you think they are creatively designed.

NO HUMAN looking characters allowed. No superheros, no anime, no video game characters that look human, etc.

Assignment: Animation Pitch Bible

To complete this assignment you must have a 3 Ring binder notebook (black) with page protectors

This is a project we will work on all semester.

See Animation Bible Notes for detailed information

Week 1 Day 2
Assignment: Read Chapter 2 in Ideas for the Animated Short

There will be a quiz at the start of class next week
Assignment: Comment on 3 Students Blogs

To do:
  • Go to the three blogs you have been assigned in class and find the 6 Concept Statement and Premises page. Click on the No Comments link or Add a Comment or Leave a Reply area.

  • Write comments suggesting which of their concept statements will make good stories and why. You can give them ideas of how the story might unfold, what a good character might be, etc. You can also give them comments on ways to fix the concept statement or general comments that might be useful in helping them pick a good concept statement to pursue as a final statement.

  • These comments are due Friday by 5pm so the person receiving the comments will have time to read them before making their new concept statements. Keep a text copy of your comments incase they end up not getting posted on the blog.
You need to comment on three different people's blogs.
Assignment: Select 2 Concept Statements and Write 2 Six-Sentence Stories

To do:
  • Look over your 6 concept statements and select 2 that you think might make good stories for your final project. If you want to make new concept statements, that is OK, too. Hopefully you will be influenced by what the other students have written as their concept statements and you will re-write your 2 concept statements and premises to make them better.
  • Create a six or seven sentence story for each new concept statement (2)
You should use one of the following formats:

Six Sentence Story Structure:
  1. The main character wants something
  2. Something moves main character to action
  3. Until main character meets conflict
  4. Then main character is in crisis
  5. Main character learns somethmething - discovers, finds, solves a problem, etc.)
  6. Main character succeeds or fails in getting what they want
Seven Sentence Stories:
Sentence 1: Introduce Character A and place
Sentence 2: Introduce obstacle and establish conflict
Sentence 3: Problem grows more complex
Sentence 4: Character A does something
Sentence 5: Obstacle responds or does not respond
Sentence 6: Climax
Sentence 7: Resolution

Assignment: Draw 6 different possible characters for your final animation idea

To do:
  • Be creative and think about the relationship of the construction of the body to the story. These six images should be no smaller than 3 inches square and should not be exactly the same as someone else's style. BE ORIGINAL.

  • DO NOT draw human characters.

Scan your drawing in and post them on your blogs.


Assignment Week 3 B: Draw stoyboard thumbnails from a feature film

To do:

  • Pick a feature length film you enjoyed the most.
    Watch the whole film and pick some sequences that
    you find intriguing--the movement of the camera,
    the composition of the frame,the layout, etc.
  • Drawing the shilouettes of the frame, using only
    black, white, and gray colors (no more than two kinds of gray).
    Study the composition and action and think about how the sequences work.
  • Format:
    Draw on letter-size paper (8.5"*11") or sketchbooks of similar size.
    Each page should have at least 9 or more frames.
    Total drawings should be at least 20 pages of the letter-size paper.