Digital Arts Future Courses Survey

This survey will help the Digital Arts faculty select which courses to offer in the future.
Question: Possible choices
What is your anticipated graduate date?
What is your area(s) of focus in Digital Arts
(you can select more than one):
What classes are you interesting in taking while at BGSU? Please indicate your interest level:
Animation Courses
Intro to 3D Modeling (Maya)
Intro to 3D animation (Maya)
Character Animation (Maya)
Animating animals (Maya)
2D animation (hand drawn)
Stop-motion animation
Advanced 3D modeling (ZBrush)
Architectural and environment modeling
Character rigging in Maya
Lighting and texturing in Maya
Flash animation
Second Life Machinima
Particle Systems - Art animation FX
Maya dynamics (nDynamics, cloth, hair, fur, fluids)
Motion graphics (After Effects)
Experimental digital audio and animation
Acting for Animators
Cinematics and editing for animation and video
Sound design for animation and video
Collaborative animation development
Imaging Courses
Intro to Digital imaging
Advanced digital imaging
Digital painting
Digital storytelling (imaging)
Digital illustration
Alternative digital print
Graphic novel and comics
Digital collage
Digital photo
Concept art development for animation
Anatomy for digital artists
Interactive Courses
Intro to interactive art
Advanced interactive art
Electronics and art (physical computing - using sensors)
Interactive installation art
Robotics - kinetic sculpture
Interactive comics
Creative web site development
Net art - database art
Advanced web development (PHP)
Flash interactive art
Advanced Actionscripting in Flash
3D game development
Flash game development
Collaborative game development
Other Courses
Performance art
Intro to video art
Advanced video art
Installation art
Second Life art Installation
Collaborative multimedia (real world projects)
Collaborative video or interactive installation
Character Design
Other class(es)

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