ARTC 3310 Interactive Art Exercises
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Exercise 1

Exercise 1: Find 5 creatively designed websites

Thurs. Jan 13th
Email to:

Find 5 websites with well designed interfaces that were created using HTML and CSS and email the URLs to the teacher so we can make a compilation of them for a critique.

• Do not submit sites designed in Flash. Flash sites are quite different in that they can be fully animated and have more flexibility in the design.

Check to see if the site was created using Flash by going to the Browser menu: View - View Source. Then do a CTL - F and type .swf and see if there are any SWF (Flash files) attached to the HTML page.

• Do not submit blogs or wikis. People do not typically design these sites, they mearly populate them with data.

(see results)

Exercise 2

Exercise 2: Mondrian and Tables

Thurs. Jan 20
Turn into the homework folder

Create the following Mondrian image using the TABLE tags. Use embedded CSS to color the cells. For a more advanced challenge, make the black lines actual rows and columns in the table rather than relying on the table border.