Assignments - Summer 2012 - ARTC4950 - Bowling Green State University
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Turning in files
• Assignments are due in the Homework folder prior to the beginning of class or must be brought to class in paper form.
• Revised project files are due by the end of the course.
Description Dates
Assignment 1

Assignment 1 - Research Extremities and Facial Features

To do: Create a blog on By default, it will create the blog with your username and this blog will be for you to use throughout the time you are at BGSU.

Create another blog for the class:
Go to and log in then click on Dashboard on the right.
Click Create Another Blog
Under Blog Name type artc4950username - replace username with YOUR username
It is IMPORTANT to use this naming scheme.

Blog Title should be Your name's Character Design Blog
It does not matter if you want your blog to appear in the search engine.

Blog Type: Student
Blog Subtype: College of Arts and Sciences

Click Create Blog

On the next page, click LOGIN (in the text)

Click the Appearance:

At the bottom, go to Page 5 and at the top of the page, click the Mandigo
At the top right, click Activate "Mandigo"

***USE the Photoshop template to add your image. The Blog template chops off a part of your image so the photoshop file compensates for that. Make sure you turn off the "Turn off before Saving" folder in the Photoshop Layers before using Save for Web & Devices.

In the blog Dashboard: In the Appearance sections select Custom Image Header
(You need to have an image ready to go that is 800 wide x 250 high JPG)
Click Choose File and select your image. Upload

To see it, click Visit Site on top

To customize the side bar, click Appearance - Widgets then
Click Add next to Calendar
Add Links
Add Recent Posts
Add Recent Comments

Then SAVE Changes

Go to the Comments menu item and remove the first comment (check mark on it and Bulk Actions: Delete)

Click Settings menu and change the Tagline to Creative Caracter Development
Save Changes

Click the Arrow next to Settings and select Discussion
UNCHECK- A comment is held for moderation
UNCHECK - Comment author must have a previously approved comment

  1. To add something to your blog use the POSTS - Add New - Don't forget to click Publish
  2. To change a posting, use the Edit - Don't forget to click Update Post
  3. To add images to a blog page, use the Media - Add New link. Use the Browser Uploader if you have any problems.
  4. Test to make sure we can get to the blog from the class website (Student Page).
We will be using the blog to post ideas, research, exercises and assignments as well as using it to critique each others work.
Due: Tues May 15
Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - Research Extremities and Facial Features

DUE: Monday, May 14

Overview: With a partner, research the feature that has been assigned to you. Find realistic examples. Collect visual examples, look up information about the anatomy of the feature, find drawing references and tutorials that discuss the drawing and design in relationship to the feature. Put together a reference and tutorial to teach other students the important aspects of drawing the feature that you were assigned.


Kris and Alex - Noses
Scott & Chloe Cherubin - Eyes
Stephanie & Ryan McPherson- Ears
Jenna & Marisa - Mouths
Chloe Rose & Dan - Hands
Ryan Stechschulte & Kristin - Head shapes
Kadeisha & Megan - Feet

Project Technical Requirements:
  • Use Google Presentation Tool to put together a presentation for the class.
Presentation Technical How To:
  • You need a gmail account
  • Once logged into gmail, click Documents on the top of the page
  • Go to File - NEW - Presentation
  • It is fairly self explanatory to insert images, etc.
  • Click Untitled Presentation to give it a title
  • When done - Pull down Share - Publish/Embed - Publish it
  • Player size can be Large
  • Copy the code on the page and put it in a text file and put it in the homework folder with you and your partner's name on it.
I have put some reference materials in the homework folder:

    Anatomy for the Artists

Presentation (5 to 15 minutes in length):

Using Google Presentation, you will talk to the class about how to draw the feature you were assigned.

You will discuss the Realistic anatomy of the feature and show examples of muscles, bones or other important things we need to know. Talk about drawing styles and techniques that might be effective.



Due: Mon May 14

Assignment 3

Assignment 3: Focus on Features

DUE: Tuesday, May 15

Overview: Portfolio Preparation - Focus on Features. Working from observation, you need to draw the features of the other students in the class.

Description: Draw one page with at least 5 REALISTIC drawings of each feature listed below:

  • Eyes
  • Noses
  • Mouths/Lips/Teeth


  • Each person has 20 minutes per person to draw each other's eye(s). If you are not able to complete it in 20 minutes, take a photograph of the eye or make an appointment with the person after class so you can come back to the drawing for refinement. Focus on specific elements that make up and eye (lashes, skin creases, pupil, etc.)

  • After finishing the eye, we will repeat the process for the Noses, then Mouths.



Kris & Scott
Alex & Chloe C
Ryan M & Marisa
Jenna & Dan
Ryan S & Kadeisha
Kristin & Megan
Stephanie & Chloe R


Alex & Stephanie
Scott & Ryan M
Marisa & Chloe R
Ryan S & Megan
Kristin & Kris
Kadeshia & Dan
Jenna & Chloe C


Kris & Chloe C
Alex & Ryan M
Scott & Ryan S
Stephanie & Marisa
Jenna & Kristin
Dan & Megan
Kadeshia & Chloe R

Project Technical Requirements:

  • Make sure you use the same size for all your drawings so your portfolio looks professional when it is presented.
  • The finished page should look something like this:


Project Artistic Requirements:
  • Combine the drawings in an artistic manner so the page looks well designed.

Due: Tues May 15

Assignment 4

Assignment 4: Research Stylization of Features

DUE: Tues. May 15

Overview: Stylization of Facial Features: Eyes, Noses, and Mouths.

Part 1: Research and gather different examples of stylized facial features: 20 eyes, 20 mouths, and 20 noses. You may take photographs, grab them off the web, scan books, etc. Think about children's books, old and contemporary cartoons, sci-fi, superheros, Saturday morning and Nickelodeon cartoons, cult classics, animation characters, fanasy figures, etc.

Part 2: With your assigned partner, combine your collections and organize the eyes, noses and mouths into categories. You can invent your own categories or use obvious groupings.

Part 3: Create a presentation of your collections and when you present it, discuss why you categorized them the way you did.


DO NOT forget to use Command Shift 4 to get just the feature you need.


Kris & Stephanie
Chloe C & Chloe R
Megan & Scott
Marisa & Kadeshia
Dan & Ryan S
Alex & Jenna
Ryan M & Kristin

Project Technical Requirements:

  • Use the Google Presentation tool and put together a presentation with images and information for the class. Copy the Code for me to embed the presentation in the class web page. Turn the text file into the homework folder.
Presentation Requirements:
  • Your presentation should be 5 to 10 minutes.Discuss how the artist altered or incorporated the realistic aspects of the feature into the stylized version.

Due: Tues. May 15

Assignment 5

Assignment 5: Drawing Stylized Facial Features

DUE: Tues. May 15

Overview: Drawing a variety of different types of facial features.

Description: Draw one page filled with a variety of sylized eyes, another page of noses, another of mouths. Your page must include a WIDE variety of types and include styles you have never drawn before - do not revert back to the typical style you always use. This is a STUDY of possibilities - be experimental.

Project Requirements:

  • Creatively fill the page.

Examples from last year:

Eyes 1
Eyes 2
Eyes 3
Eyes 4

Noses 1
Noses 2
Noses 3

Mouths 1
Mouths 2
Mouths 3


Due: Tues. May 15

Assignment 6

Assignment 6: Animal Research

DUE: Wed. May 16

Overview: Looking at Animal Attributes in Detail.

Description: Choose an animal from the list of animals that live at the Toledo Zoo (look at the list below or the zoo website) and research (in detail) their unique features. You will do a short presentation on that animal that will help the class know what to look for if they go to draw it while at the zoo. You may include anatomy, closeups of facial features, detailed images or drawings of hoofs, claws, beaks, and other body parts. You may also discuss personality attributes or other things important about the animal.

Sign up for one of the following animals (or pick one from the zoo website):

Project Technical Requirements:

  • Use the Google Presentation tool and put together a presentation with images and information for the class. Copy the Code and for me to embed the presentation in the class web page. Turn the text file into the homework folder.
Presentation Requirements:
  • Your presentation should be 5 to 10 minutes.

Due: Wed. May 16

Assignment 7

Assignment 7: Animal Drawings at the Zoo

DUE: Thursday, May 17

Overview: Draw various types of animalsrealistically.

Description: While at the zoo, spend time and draw a variety of animals and focus on proportions, textures, volume, shading, and detail. Draw the following:

4 fish
4 four legged creatures
4 two legged creatures (can be monkeys, birds, etc)
4 reptiles and/or butterflies and/or insects
Any other thing you want ;-)


  • We will car pool to the zoo andpitch in to help pay for gas and the parking. Zoo admission costs $12 and Parking is $6 per vehicle. Gas may be around $10 to get there and back. if each person gave the driver $3.00 (provided there are 5 passengers) or $4.00 for 4 passengers, that should cover it. Bring food money or pack a lunch.

Project Requirements:

  • Bring a decent sized drawing pad - one you will not mind hauling around all day.
  • Fill the page - you can have a single drawing of the animal or multiple views of the same animal on a single page.
  • The level of detail is up to you. Strive for realism - not stylized or cartoon.

You will need to show three pages with multiple animal sketches at your final critique.

Due: Thur May 17

Assignment 8

Assignment 8: Character Design with Ken Fairclough

DUE: Fri. May 18

In class workshop: This workshop will go over incorporating basic design fundementals (shape, line, color, texture) into your character design. The demonstration will focus on the use of markers to create a detailed charcter sketch. Marker renderings are commonly used in preproduction design because of the ability to sketch using multiple values in order to bring out details of line and shape. The demonstration will show the procces of a marker sketch of two characters.


Due: Fri. May 18

Assignment 9

Assignment 9: Animal/Human Form Drawings

DUE: Fri. May 18

Overview: You will create three poses of a character that merges your chosen research animal and human anatomy.

Project Requirements: Using your animal research and drawings as well as your knowledge of human anatomy, create a hybrid form that merges attributes of the two entities.

Use the drawing style and techniques that were taught by Ken during the workshop.

Arrange your poses on the page in a creative way in preparation for your portfolio.


Due: Fri. May 18

Assignment 10

Assignment 10: Scanning for the Blog

DUE: Friday. May 25

Overview: Scan your drawings and post them on the blog.


  • Use the scanners in the lab to scan your images and post them on your blog.

So far your blog should contain drawings of:

  • Realistic Eyes
  • Realistic Noses
  • Realistic Mouths
  • Stylized Noses
  • Stylized Mouths
  • Stylized Eyes
  • 3 pages of animal drawings(zoo)
  • drawings produced in Ken Fairclough's workshop

The rest of the drawings that should be scanned will be announced as assignments throughout the week. Scan and add all assignments to the blog.


Due: Fri May 25

Assignment 11

Assignment 11: Characters with Personality

DUE: Monday. May 21

Overview: We have studied realistic and stylized facial features. We have started to deal with whole bodies. Now, focus on the WHO aspect of the character and create sketches of characters that illustrate the attributes you are given.

Examples of feelings are in the homework folder.

Logistics: Part 1: on three yellow papers, write three different emotions. On three purple pages describe a unique facial feature. For example: Feature = scar on left cheek. One the green paper, write a personality trait and profession. For example: Personality = introverted salesman.

All cards will be shuffled up and you will draw one of each color and draw a character that reflects the attributes on the card. Then you will draw three more cards and finally another three cards. If you want to switch some of the attributes you may do so. BUT you must end up with three different sets of attributes and three different characters based on your sets.

Project Requirements: Draw three different characters based on the attributes you chose. You may use reference books or the Internet. Be highly creative.


Due: Mon May 21

Assignment 12

Assignment 12: Character Artists

DUE: Tues. May 22

Overview: Do a short presentation on your favorite character artist or one that you admire a lot. Also do a presentation of the work of one character artist that is new to you - someone you never knew existed before you conducted this research.

Motivation: It is important to know people in the field of character design. You can be influenced or inspired by their work or they might be a good resource for advice or a connection to a job opportunity.


  • Use the google presenation tool to make TWO different short presenations. Send me the link and names of the people you are presenting so I can link it up to the webpage.

Favorite Character Artists

Newly Discovered Character Artists


Due: Tues May 22

Assignment 13

Assignment 13: Drawing using Various Artistic Styles

DUE: Tues. May 22

Overview: Draw one character using a style that is entirely new to you.


  • Before beginning, think about the character's personality, profession, history, likes and dislikes. These attributes should help you select a style.
  • Scan these in or create them on the computer and post them onto your blog.

Due: Tues May 22

Assignment 14

Assignment 14: Human Proportions

DUE: Wed. May 23

Description: Throughout history civilizations have used various methods to calculate the relationship and proportions of various parts of the human body. In teams of two do research on various proportion systems and grids used to help figure out how how tall a body is, how to place the facial features correctly, how to figure out how long the arms and legs are, etc.

Research Partners:

Kristin & Marisa : Divine Proportions
Chloe R & Megan : Proportions of the head
Kadeisha & Chloe C : Egyptian Proportions
Stephanie & Jenna : Japanese Proportions
Dan & Scott : Child Proportions
Alex & Ryan S : Adult Proportions
Ryan M & Kris : Greek Ideal Proportions

Choices: (randomly select one from the box)

1. Proportions of the human head
2. Proportions of a child
3. Adult Proportions
4. Adolphe Armand Braun (Greek ideal proportions)
5. Divine Proportions (golden ratio)
6. Egyptian Proportions
7. Contemporary Japanese Ideal proportions

Project Requirements:

  • You will do one short presentation talking about the proportional system(s) you selected.

Due: Wed May 23

Assignment 15

Assignment 15: Distorted Bodies

DUE: Wed. May 23

Overview: Create three character sketches with very distorted features. Create one of each of the following:

  • Elongated or shortened limbs (legs and/or arms)
  • Exaggerated facial feature
  • Distorted belly, butt, tail, or chest


  • Create drawings or collages of three different characters with distorted features.
  • Scan these in or create them on the computer and post them onto your blog.

Due: Thur May 24

Assignment 16

Assignment 16: Caricature Drawing

DUE: Thurs. May 24

Overview: Create two caricature drawings in less than 15 minutes each:

  • Group 1
    Chloe R
    Kris & Jenna
    Ryan S & Chloe C
    Marisa & Kristin
    Ryan M & Kadeisha
    Alex & Dan
    Scott & Stephanie


  • You will need chiseled markers or brush markers and a drawing board for each group.

Due: Tue May 22

Assignment 17

Assignment 17: Designing Hybrid Forms and create a Model Sheet

DUE: Thurs. May 24

Overview: Create a character that is a creative combination of human, animal, machine and/or plant forms. Research the parts you will need - look at references, get someone to pose for you, make prelininary sketches. After the character design is fairly solid, create a number of sketches for your model sheet. Combine them creatively onto one page to be used as your model sheet.


The model sheet should consist of:

  • Name of Character
  • One full body fully rendered drawing with color of the character in a dynamic pose. No T poses.
  • At least 3 expression sketches
  • At least 3 other sketches of poses
  • Frontal, 3/4, back, and profile drawing with linear markings or some other proportional markings
  • Props, details of body parts or facial features if needed
  • Design work on the page or a background behind parts of the modelsheet

Due: Thurs May 24

Assignment 18

Assignment 18: Final Critique

DUE: Fri. May 25

21 total drawings

Grades: The work will be assessed on Quality and Quantity. Your participation will be assessed based on attendance and participation in all research projects.

A: To receive an A, you must have all drawings on both the blog and shown at the final crit and the quality of the work must be outstanding.

B: To receive a B, you must have at least 17 drawings on the blog and at the crit and the quality of the work must be pretty good.

C: To receive a C, you must have at least 12 drawings at the crit and on the blog. The quality of your work is average and could use some work.

D: If you have less than 12 of the required work, you may end up with a D, especially if the quality is average or below average.

***If you have the drawings but do not have them posted on the blog, they do not count. The final crit will look at the actual drawings but I will be grading from the blog.

Final Drawings Professionally Presented and posted on the blog


  • page of Eyes
  • page of Noses
  • page of Mouths
  • page of Stylized Eyes
  • page of Stylized Noses
  • page of Stylized Mouths
  • 3 pages of animal sketches - each page needs multiple sketches on them
  • a minimum of 1 of the poses that you created in Ken's marker workshop (you may put all 3)
  • 3 characters with attributes (emotion, feature, profession, personality)
  • 1 character drawing using a different style
  • 3 characters with distorted body parts
  • 1 caricature drawing
  • one model sheet with all the required elements including Character Information posted on blog



Due: Fri May 25