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Cordell Barker
Cordell Baker is one of Canada's top animators, making two short films both under 10 minutes. For most of his career Baker has worked behind the scenes making commercials, but The Cat Came Back and Strange Invaders both earned him Oscar nominations.

In 1982 Cordell approached the National Film Board of Canada with a story to make a film based on the folk song The Cat Came Back, about an old man and a cat he cannot get rid of. This acclaimed short animation led to an Oscar nominations. Baker's second animated short, which also received an Oscar nod, is a semi-autobiographical tale of a childless couple whose lives are turned upside down by the arrival of a strange baby (an idea brought on by the birth of the first of Baker's three sons).

Animations Produced:

  • Get a Job, 1985, 11:00, Additional Animator
  • The Cat Came Back, 1988, 7:00
    (aka Le Chat colla)
  • O Canada, 1997, 25:00, TV Series
  • Strange Invaders, 2002, 8:00

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Submitted by: Ken Edwards


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