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Animation Timeline (2000-2009)
Includes Animation Experiments, Studio and Independent Work, and Cultural Events
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2000 - 2009 A Decade of Global Exchange


Y2K Comes and Goes

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  • 2001

     September 11, 2001 - World Trade Center Attack

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  •  Monsters, Inc, Pixar - John Lasseter (Executive Producer), USA, November 2, (1 hr. 46 min.)
    Monsters, Inc. is a "scare factory" where Sulley and Mike are tasked with scaring children. Children are thought to be toxic to the touch. An uninvited visiter, a tiny girl named Boo, turns the monster world upside down.

  • Pixar Feature Films
  •  Shrek, PDI/Dreamworks SKG - Penney Finkelman Cox (Executive Producer), USA, May 16
    Shrek is a green ogre living on his own in a swamp. Shrek does not like visitors, but Lord Farquaad turns his swamp into a relocation camp for dozens upon dozens of fairy-tale characters. To rid his swamp of these new pests, Shrek and Donkey, a donkey he meets, must free Princess Fiona from a remote castle. After rescuing Princess Fiona Shrek finds out, almost too late, that she too is an ogre just like him.

  • Shrek
  • Shrek2
  •  Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Square USA - Hironobu Sakaguchi (Executive Producer), USA, July 11, (1 hr. 53 min.)
    Based loosely on the insanely popular Final Fantasy video game series, The Spirits Within takes place in a futuristic earth circa 2065. Earth is overrun with aliens, and only Dr. Aki Ross can devise a plan to save earth. She is on a quest to find the Spirits, but General Hein wants only to destroy the aliens with a swift destructive blow. General Hein does not know that this could harm or destroy earth in the process.

  • Final Fantasy
  • 2002

     Ice Age, Fox - Christopher Meledandri (Executive Producer), USA, March 15, (1 hr. 25 min.)
    During the Ice Age Twenty thousand years ago we meet up with a furry bunch of prehistoric creatures. These four animals find themselves on a quest to return a human infant to his father. They brave the elements to return the human and become heroes.

  • Ice Age Movie Site
  •  Happy Tree Friends - Vol. 1: First Blood, Mondo - Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro (Animators), USA, (140 min) DVD (also shorts online)
    Happy Tree Friends are cute little cartoon animals who get themselves caught up in some horrible Cartoon Violence (CV). No matter how good their day starts, it always turns out bad. Happy Tree Friends are a collection of Flash animation shorts online, as well as on two DVDs, which are longer episodes with longer stories. The only way to classify this kind of animation would be to draw a line to Ren & Stimpy and South Park.

  • Happy Tree Friends Site
  • 2003

      March 19 - Golf War 2.0 "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

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  •  Finding Nemo, Pixar - John Lasseter (Executive Producer), USA, May 30th, (1 hr. 41 min.)
    Finding Nemo is Pixar's foray into an underwater adventure with Martin and his son Nemo. These two are separated in the Great Barrier Reef and so the journey begins. Martin has to find his son, who has been taken from his home to the confides of a fish bowl in a dentist's office. Comic relief and adventure ensues to find, and save, Nemo.

  • Pixar Feature Films
  •  What is the Meatrix, Free Range Graphics
    The Meatrix is a spoof on The Matrix, it is a Flash animation used to talk about factory farms and their negative effects. A Flash grant was awarded to GRACE (Global Resource Action Center for the Environment), and Free Range Graphics created this activism Flash animation for their cause.

  • The Meatrix Site
  • The Meatrix Site Action
  •  1 + 1, Dir. Grigoris Leontiades, UK, (9 min.)
    Bradford Animation Festival winner 2003

  • Bradford Animation Festival
  •  Iron Country, Dirs. Cinetig with school pupils, UK, (5 min. 14 sec.)
    Bradford Animation Festival winner 2003

  • Bradford Animation Festival
  •  Doorsteps, Hannes Hayha, Finland, (3 min. 40 sec.)
    Bradford Animation Festival winner 2003, Flash.

  • Bradford Animation Festival Flash
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    Research conducted by Ken Edwards, Bowling Green State Univeristy