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Animation Timeline (1970-1979)
Includes Animation Experiments, Studio and Independent Work, and Cultural Events
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1970 - 1979 A Decade of Change


April 22 - First "Earth Day" celebrated as environmental movement launched.

May 4 - The Kent State Shootings - 4 students were killed and 9 were injured during an anti-war demonstration when a guardsman opened fire.

Straight and Narrow, Tony Conrad
This is a music based animation that created hypnotic and hallucinatory effects using visual rhythms. This film deals with the viewers perceptions of sound and imagery.

  • Northwest Film Forum
  • Is It Always Right To Be Right?, Nick Bosustow, USA, (8 minutes)
    The world is divided into factions, on opposite sides of issues; each side is, of course, right. And so the gap between the people grows, until someone challenges the absolutist view of what's "right."


    April 24 - Huge anti-war march in Washington, D.C.

    Daniel Ellsberg leaks the Pentagon Papers, massive collection of top-secret government documents, whose publication helps to discredit the Vietnam War policies of the Nixon administration.

    The Crunch Bird, Ted Petok, USA
    A woman goes into a pet store seeking a gift for her husband. She decides to get him a bird with a most unusual talent, but her gift brings about an unforeseen result.

  • Crunchbird Studios
  • Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes, Stan Brakhage
    This animation is a documentary dealing with a Pittsburgh morgue. The film is based solely around images of corpses, without explanation or the insertion of a narrative.

  • Seeing Absence - Review
  • 1972

    May 17 - Republican agents burglarize Democratic headquarters at Watergate.

    May 29 - Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT I) signed by U.S. & Soviets.

    Sept. 5-6 - Nineteen killed in terrorist siege at Munich Olympic Games

    A Christmas Carol, Richard Williams, England, (25 minutes)
    An old bitter miser is given a chance for redemption when he is haunted by ghosts on Christmas Eve.

  • Who is Richard Williams?
  • Air!, Paul Driessen


    Arab oil embargo causes severe shortage and energy prices skyrocket

    Jan 22 - Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizes abortion

    Oct. 10 - Amid charges of corruption and scandal, VP Spiro Agnew pleads no contest to income tax evasion and resigns from office.

    Dec. 6 - Gerald Ford, congressman from Michigan, becomes the new vice president.

    Frank Film, Frank Mouris, USA, (9 minutes)
    This animated short features two soundtracks - in one, Frank narrates an autobiography,in the other, he reads off a list of words beginning with the letter "f." Tying the two soundtracks together and influencing their subject matter is the animated collage of photos collected from magazines - all arranged by theme and each theme merging into the next.

  • Film Facts
  • The Legend of John Henry, Sam Weiss
    This animation is an 11 minute musical representation of the classic story of John Henry and his duel with the steel-driving machine. It landed a nomination for the 46th annual Academy Awards.

  • Academy Awards - The Legend of John Henry
  • The Horse, Charles Burnett
    This animation features a story about a young African American boy who awaits his father to put a horse out of its misery. It is a coming of age story that that take place on the porch of an abandoned farmhouse.


    Economy in worst recession in 40 years.

    Aug. 9 - Ford becomes the thirty-eighth president after Richard Nixon, facing impeachment charges, is forced to resign.

    Closed Mondays, Will Vinton, Bob Gardiner, USA, (11 minutes)
    Closed Mondays, about a drunk who wanders into an art museum -- whose works seem to take lifelike form in the drunk's presence.

    Voyage to Next, Faith Hubley


    United Nations declares International Year of the Woman.

    The first commercially successful VCR was introduced.

    Apr. 30 - South Vietnam falls to Communist forces of North Vietnam.

    Great, Bob Godfrey, England, (30 minutes)
    An animated film about the British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who spearheaded numerous engineering marvels of the early 19th century - including the Thames Tunnel, the Great Western Railway, and the Great Eastern steamship (for 40 years the world's largest steamship). Various styles of animation are used to depict events in his colorful life.

  • Toon Hound
  • 1976

    July 4 - The country commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence with a spectacular bicentennial celebration.

    Leisure, Suzanne Baker, Austrailia, (14 minutes)
    Leisure. Recreation. Uses animation to bring to life period prints, paintings, and archival photographs which illustrate the history of man's quest for leisure. Offers ideas on how leisure time will be spent in the future.

  • Univ. of North Carolina Libraries
  • A Place in Time, Charles Lane

    Cruisin' J-Town, Duane Kubo
    This animation is a documentary about the formation of a jazz fusion band called Hiroshima.


    The Sand Castle, Co Hoedeman, Canada, (13 minutes)
    On a sandy desert, a man made of sand tries to make a home for himself. He constructs other sand creatures to help make a beautiful sand castle for themselves.


    Residents of Love Canal, NY, evacuated due to dangerous toxic chemicals buried in the area.

    Nov. 19 - American religious cult leader Jim Jones and 900 Peoples Temple followers die in mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana.

    Special Delivery, Eunice Macauly, John Weldon, Canada, (7 mins)
    Alice Phelps heads off to the gym, reminding her husband Ralph to shovel the snow from the porch. Ralph ignores her and then later finds that the mailman has slipped, broken his neck, and died on their snow- and ice-covered porch. Ralph panics, and what he does with the body (because he's in fear of the letter carriers' union) and what Alice does upon returning home forever change their marriage.

    The 2000 Year Old Man, Leo Salkin
    This is an animated film based on Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner's comedy routine of the same name.

  • Rotten Tomatoes Site Review
  • Mobiles, Jules Engel

  • Art Conversations Archive
  • 1979

    Mar. 28 - Radioactive leak at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.

    Every Child, Derek Lamb, Canada National Film Board of Canada, (6 minutes)
    An abandoned baby is repeatedly left on a series of doorsteps in a well to do community, only to be rejected by each in turn until the infant arrives at the one social group that shows any concern and compassion.


    Research conducted by LeeAnn Bosnyak and Jeremy Mumpower, Bowling Green State Univeristy