Mel - Maya Embedded Language

Check boxes can be used to turn on and off several options at one time. Consult maya help menu to see full list of options associated with checkboxs.

//This script creates a window holding checkboxs. When you hit the button the 
//values of the checkboxs are queried and printed.

if(`window -exists checkBoxWin`)
deleteUI checkBoxWin;
windowPref -remove checkBoxWin;

    string $window = `window -width 150 checkBoxWin`;
    columnLayout -adjustableColumn true;
    	checkBox -label "Default" defaultcheck;
    	checkBox -label "Left"   -align "left" leftcheck;
    	checkBox -label "Centre" -align "center" centercheck;
    	checkBox -label "Right"  -align "right" rightcheck;
button -label "Check this out" -command "whatIsUp()";
    showWindow $window;

proc whatIsUp()
string $leftVal = `checkBox -query -value leftcheck`;
string $rightVal = `checkBox -query -value rightcheck`;
string $centerVal = `checkBox -query -value centercheck`;
string $defaultVal = `checkBox -query -value defaultcheck`;

string $myVals[] = {$leftVal,$rightVal,$centerVal,$defaultVal};
string $myButton[] = {"Left Button","Right Button","Center Button","Default Button"};

for ($i = 0; $i < size($myVals); $i++)
print ("\n"+$myButton[$i] + " is " + $myVals[$i]);