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Maya has many built in functions that can be used to obtain information. To use a function typically you would use it in an assignment statement like:

     $myBall=funtionName(send it something);

Exponential Functions
Operation: Returns e raised to the power of a number, enumber. The predefined variable e is the base of the natural logarithm, which is 2.718. Supported Data types: float float exp(float number) Example: exp(1); Returns 2.718
Operation: Returns the natural logarithm of a number, logenumber. The natural logarithm uses the constant e, which is 2.718 Supported Data types: float float log(float number) Example: log(2.718282845904); Returns 1.000 log(10); Returns 2.303
Operation: Returns the log base 10 of a number Supported Data types: i float log10(float number) Example: log10(100); returns 2 log10(10); Returns 1
Operation: Returns a base number raised to an exponent Supported Data types: float float pow(float base, float exponent ) Example: pow(2,3); Returns 8 pow(2,-3); Returns .125;
Operation: Returns the square root of a positive number Supported Data types: float float sqrt(float number) Example: sqrt(16) Returns 4