Class Schedule - Spring 2013 - ARTC 3100 - Bowling Green State University
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  • This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.
  Schedule: Assignment:
Week 1
1/8 Tue

Intro to Animation Techniques

  • Class objectives & expectations
  • Screening:


  • 2 flipbooks (50 pages each): 1 morph, 1 event
  • 2 zoetrope strip: 1 morph, 1 event cycle


1/10 Thur

Demo of animating with a light table

Card Exchange

Animating with Photoshop

In class Ball bounce

Introduction to the 12 Principles of Animation


  • Bouncing Ball animation


  • 2 Cards - one to give another student
Week 2
1/15 Tue

Arrange Group Presentation Assignment

Critique: zoetropes and flipbooks


  • New Bouncing Ball Animation with obstacles
  • 2 Zoetropes and Event Animation Flipbooks
1/17 Thur

Choreography and Composition, Scratch on Film, scanning Morph frames

Finish Production Lab Sign-up Sheet

Critique: bouncing ball animations and morphs



  • Bouncing Ball Animation
  • Morph Animation flipbook

Week 3
1/22 Tue

Bringing Objects to Life with Emotion


  • Bouncing Ball with Obstacle Course
1/24 Thur

Assembing Morph Animation

In-class exercise: Under the camera animation


  • In-class exercise: under the camera animation


  • Scanned Morph animation and turned into a movie

  • Week 4
    1/29 Tue

    Review how to use the camera, teach how to put object animation frames into AfterEffects, scaling clips - experiment by intepreting footage on 24fps

    IMPORTANT: The scratch on film is DUE THURS
    If you do not bring it in, you receive an F
    No LATE assignments will be accepted.

    Group Presentation: Timing

    Group Presentation: Squash & Stretch

    Group Presentation: Slow in Slow Out

    Group Presentation: Anticipation


    Due Thurs Jan 31 - Bring object animation frames into After Effects and make movies (Comp settings: 24fps, Intepret footage 12 fps, HD 1080p - 1960 x 1080)



    1/31 Thur

    Critique of Object Animation, announce new assignment (Food animation)

    Replacement Animation and Animated Object Transitions, food animation screenings

    Group Presentation: Line of Action


    • Food Animation - Due Feb 7: Animate food and use the replacement technique.

      The previous student will leave their setup and you must start there and transition the scene into your animation. Leave your setup when you are done. Animate a scenario that involves Anticipation, and Squash & Stretch.

    • No liquids, perishables, no raw meat.
    • Note:
      1. Prepare your idea for the animation prior to coming to the lab. But be open minded so you can animate from the previous student's setup.

      2. Clean up the spill or mess, while leaving your animation setup for the next student. The last person in the sequence will need to clean up the food.


    • Scratch on Film Assignment
    • Object Animation
    Week 5
    2/5 Tue

    Week 5 Day 1 Notes

    Prep: Setup Video Camera to record Scratch on Film

    Critique: Scratch-on-Film animation

    Discuss assignments (cut paper animation)

    Screening: Cut out animations

    Demonstrating Making Cut-out Paper Animation (thread and needle / rivot)



    2/7 Thur

    Week 5 Day 2 Notes

    Critique: Name Slates

    Look at Cut out puppets and elements

    Look at Backgrounds

    Critique: Food Animation

    Identify your Food Animation

    Demonstrate how to flip animation in After Effects, Effects - Brightness Contrast / Hue Saturation Brightness

    Screening: More cut out animation




    • Food animation all shot and on the camera card


    • Name slate


    • Background for Cut Paper Animation


    • Puppet or Elements for Cut Paper Animation
    Week 6
    2/12 Tue

    Group Presentation: Pose /Silhouette

    Group Presentation: Staging

    In-depth discussion on Pose / Silhouette and Staging

    After Effects Lecture: (importing Photoshop files, setting keys, animating with transform tools (move, scale, rotate), Animation Easy Ease

    Screening: Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets



    2/14 Thur

    Group Presentation: Arcs

    Group Presentation: Exaggeration

    In-depth discussion on Arcs and Exaggeration


    Critique: Cut out paper animation

    Due: Cut out paper animation

    Week 7
    2/19 Tue

    Group Presentation: Balance

    Group Presentation: Weight

    Group Presentation: Follow Through / Overlapping Action

    Group Presentation: Secondary Motion

    Class notes Day 1


    • Clay Animation:Transformation and Metamorphosis
      • Explore the qualities of clay: plasticity, elasticity, weight, and texture. Incorporate one morph and one replacement technique. Include overlapping action, secondary motion or follow through


    2/21 Thur

    Critique: AE Puppet Pin Tool Animation

    Animating clay

    Introduce the pixelation technique

    Show examples of Pixilation

    Class notes Day 2


    • Form group & develop idea for Pixilation Animation - test pixilation in class

    Due: After Effects Puppet Pin Tool Animation

    Week 8
    2/26 Tue

    Pixilation - in-class exercise


    2/28 Thur

    Group Presentation: Straight Ahead vs Pose to Pose

    Group Presentation: Appeal

    Group Presentation: Solid Drawing

    Critique: Clay Animation

    Critique: Pixilation Animation


    Due: Clay animation

    Due: Pixilation animation

    Week 9
    3/5 Tue SPRING BREAK


    3/7 Thur




    Week 10
    3/12 Tue

    - Group Presentation: Beat and Rhythm (editing)
    - Group Presentation: Action / reaction (in acting)
    * Group Presentation: Pose and Silhouette (section 5 only)

    Introduce sand animation

    Screenings: Sand animation


    Introduce rotoscope animation

    Screening: Rotoscoped animation


    Class notes Day 1


    3/14 Thur

    Rotoscope animation

    Screenings: rotoscoped animations

    Prepare skit/performance and video tape

    Separate the frames and distribute

    Work on rotoscoped animation

    Class notes Day 2


    Week 11
    3/19 Tue

    Rotoscope inclass exercise


    • Due Apr 25: Final Animation
      • The final project is required to have sound track and sound design.
    • Due Mar 28: Final proposal
    • Due Apr 4: and storyboard
    Class notes Day 1


    3/21 Thur


    Critique: Sand Animation


    • Due: Mar 28: Paint-on-glass Animation
    Class notes Day 2
    Due: Sand Animation
    Week 12
    3/26 Tue

    How to build a puppet (guest lecturer)


    Due: Rotoscoped frames

    3/28 Thur

    Critique: Paint on Glass Animations

    Critique: Final Proposals


    • Due: Thursday Apr 4: Puppet Animation
    Student will create / prepare simple 3D puppet and a simple set, and create a short animation
    • Due: Apr Tuesday 2: Storyboard or Visual Guide
    Revise your final proposal and create a storyboard or visual guide.

    Due: Final Project Proposal

    Due: Paint on Glass Animation

    Week 13
    4/2 Tue

    Critique of Rotoscope animation, Zoom Recorder, sound libraries, Sound Track Pro, After Effects tutorial


    4/4 Thur

    Critique: Storyboard

    Critique: Puppet Animation

    Due: Storyboard

    Due: Puppet Animation

    Week 14
    4/9 Tue

    Work-in-Class- Individual meeting

    Find animations, work on sound design, animatics, credits, camera work

    4/11 Thur

    Critique: 1/3 done with audio

    Due: 1/3 done final animation

    Week 15
    4/16 Tue Screening of found animation - Work-in-Class- Individual meetings


    4/18 Thur

    Critique: 2/3 done with audio

    Due: 2/3 done final animation

    Week 16
    4/23 Tue Work-in-Class- Individual meetings


    4/25 Thur

    Final Critique

    Due: Final Animation

    Week 17

    4/30 Tue

    Exam Week: Individual Meetings by appointment