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[ Lectures and Technical Notes ]
 Audio Recording using the Zoom Recorder

Find a QUIET place to do your recording

zoom h4n

- plug in some headphones
- Make sure the Input: MIC putton is RED
- Make sure the STEREO light is on
- Place the recorder on a stable surface and DO NOT touch it during recording
Step 1: Turn it on by moving the Power slider on the side to the ON position on

Step 2: Set the Recording Level on the side of the recorder to around 60 if you are close to it. The higher you set it, the more noise it will add to the recording.

Step 3: Press Record (it will blink) - press it a second time so it is solid red (not blinking)- dont touch or move the recorder. TALK

Step 4: To stop the recording hit the Stop button (square)

Step 5: Play back the recording by hitting the Play button - you can adjust the volume that you hear it on the left side of the recorder (don't judge the volume of your recording based on the volume of the playback)

Step 6: Rerecording - do as many takes as you need to. You can splice them together later if you have some moments of silence inbetween sentences or words.

To turn OFF:
Move the Power slider to ON and hold it there for a few seconds

Outputting to the computer

Step 1: Plug the USB cord into the recorder and computer - it will automatically turn ON

Step 2: On the left side of the recorder, press the top rolling button IN

Step 3: Look on the computer's desktop and you will see a drive mounted called: H4N_SD

Step 4: Double click to open the drive and drag the files out of STEREO - FOLDER01 and save them in your folder

Step 5: Delete the audio file from the Zoom Recorder by dragging it to the trash and emptying the trash

*** Leave the Folders on the Zoom Mic

Step 6: Properly EJECT the H4N_SD drive by Command E, dragging to the TRASH or hitting the eject button