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 Lecture 19: Final Assignments and Rotoscope Worktime

- Announce final assignment

The Requirements of final proposal

1. Theme or story

2. What style (color scheme, mood, abstract or narrative)

3. What are your 2 selected medium to combine?

4. What shooting format: Tripod or downshooter?

5. Include visual support materials (references, sketches, examples of the style, etc.)

Final project due dates:

Mar 28: Proposal

Apr 4: Storyboard

Apr 11: ⅓ Done - one scene

Apr 18: ⅔ Done - two scenes

Apr 25: Final project completed

Final Project Specification:

• Theme and media is up to you

• Must combine at least 2 media

• The project length should be as close to 1 minute as possible,
    (it cannot be less than 50 seconds or more than 70 seconds)

• Your final project should contain a well designed story, background, and elements or character.

• It should have an opening title, and ending credits.

• It is required to have appropriate audio which may be ambients sounds, music, sound effects, or narration.
No copyrighted sound allowed.

• Your animation should have three to four cuts - these can be animated at different times and put together in After Effects.

Rotoscope Animation


Girl Talk Collaborative Rotoscope Animation 3:02

Nike - Plus I Run 2:00

In class: Work on rotoscoping