Cell Phone Art Projects
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Cell Phone Art

Jesse Coder, Richard Strickland and Ronnie Hill:

"Shrinking Cell Phone Art"
Increasingly smaller mobile phones from throughout history arranged and put together like Matryoshka dolls.

"nick and ron's light art"
Brief light art animation made using light from cellular phones

"Cell phone photography on display at Southeastern art gallery"
Photo submissions taken on cell phones by the public and displayed in a gallery.

"2008 Cell Phone Art"
Installation sculptures by Rob Petit about the proliferation and waste of cell phones

"Art In Your Pocket: iPhone and iPod Touch App Art"
Various examples of apps made for art rather than functionality.

Greg Ramsey and Dominique Cummings:

He is a green artist in the sense that his art recycles and repurposes old mobile phones that would otherwise be going to the landfill.

Cellphone Disco
Cell Phone Disco is an LED installation equipped with sensors that detect the electromagnetic field emitted by active phones and respond with a dazzling light show.

The Exchange
"The Exchange" combines live performance with the potential of mobile phones. In the piece, which is a strictly timed musical improvisation, one live performer on stage interacts with telephone calls from other performers and artists who can be anywhere on the planet. They call at specific moments with specific contributions. Meanwhile, other artists send images of these performers and their performances, as they happen, by phone.

Finnish Pavillion
Several dozen mobile phones were decorated by children to look like birds, and suspended in a tree-shaped installation at the Hannover Expo. The phones were assigned ringtones resembling the sounds of birds, and caused to ring at occasional intervals.

Mural Competition at 800 Tenth Ave
Using mobile barcode technology as a mass communication tool, the mural prompts viewers to interact with the artwork on both walls using a cell phone, that universal Manhattan appendix. When the mural is scanned with a mobile, viewers find tags, sentences that focus on green practices, taken both from local social and environmental networks as well as from the corporate and industrial world. The murals propitiate collaborative networks that have two things in common: each person owns a cell phone and is somehow in contact with the artwork.
Physically, the Mural Doing Well by Doing Good is a handcrafted digital installation, built using tiles and wrought iron sheets, which forms 2D codes that can be read by pointing at them with a telephones camera. The codes are QR -Quick Response- and HCCBC High Capacity Color Bar Codes. These interactive murals challenge the technology by taking it to the limit of reading blown out codes with implicit human error. It is, in a way, a humanization of one of the newest communications technologies.

Paul Woidke and James Blanton:

This is an extension of VR/Urban's digital intervention activism. The installation features a handheld digital slingshot device for spreading information on public screens.

"Talking Art" (more info)
Right now visitors at the Göteborg Museum of Art are encouraged to give voice to selected works of art in the interactive installation "Talking Art". Upon entering the museum, the visitor downloads an application on his mobile phone. The phone then acts as a tour guide to the works, giving background information. At given intervals, the visitor is asked to interpret a work of art by sending a text from his cell phone to a physical sign equipped with a LED display.

Social Graffiti (more info)
Digital-media students at Philadelphia's Drexel University have found a way to turn the microblogging messages into 36x62-foot animations projected onto the surface of a campus building. That's a whole lot of tweet.
Using the "Social Graffiti" system, anyone can digitally tag Twitter messages with @digmGraffiti to be projected onto Nesbitt Hall. Drexel seniors Matthew Morton and Chad Porche then combine the tweets with their own animations (shot in 1080p HD), and broadcast the images onto Nesbitt via a projector located on the fourth floor of a building across the street.

The M-Dress is an elegant silk jersey dress that is also a functional soft electronics mobile phone. The M-Dress accepts a standard SIM card and allows the wearer to receive and make calls without carrying a cellular phone in their pocket or purse.

An artist took 19 text messages (from separate conversations) about love and romantic relationships and embroidered them, complete with message icons and battery and reception meters.

Marsha Berning and Richard Kuespert:

iphone concert
Keyboard on iphone used to preform music.

Mobile wallpapers
Site based on giving multiple categories of wallpapers for download and use to customize and/or personalize one's phone.

Mobile phone photography course.
Course in england based around mobile photography.

Mobile Art (Literal and Not)
Real world and digital art for and of phones.

Mobile iphone movie
Being made in S. Korea

Michelle Ruckers and Rachel Pratt:

TXTual Healing (2002-2007) by Paul Notzold (click about TXTual Healing on right side navigation menu)
invites the audience to contribute content to a work through text messages or photos sent from their cell phones.

Mark Shepard’s Tactical Sound Garden (2004-2006)
introduces software to a mobile device that allows audience members to participate with others in an interactive performance. Making a call from a cell phone will connect visitors with yet another group of works in the exhibition.

Marian Rubin's Cell Phone Photography.
Marian uses apps such as Hipstamatic and SwankoLab to improve and simplify her photography. She wants to put together a book in the future of her iPhone images.

The giant cellphone sculpture erected for the Cluj-Napoca's Planet Report Environment & Film festival is a mammoth sculpture of an antique mobile phone made in discarded cellphones is an admirable site for an eco-conscious.This is a brainchild of a Romanian artist who's used thousands of discarded mobile phones for the build which gives life to trash for the ecstatic eyes to appreciate.

Mobile Mobile from James Théophane Jnr,
an installation playing Christmas music.

Wes Lauka and Brandon Moore

Cell Phone Disco
Sensors on the wall detects the radiation from cell phones and it triggers the LED lights, giving an actual depiction of the electromagnetic field.

Street Art with QR Codes
The group of artists use the QR codes to create messages encoded within the barcode in public places. People interact by decoding with their camera phones.

Twitter Feed Augmented Reality T-Shirt
Printed on the front of the T Shirt is a barcode indicating your Twitter ID. When you use your phone (camera) it displays your latest tweet in 3D.

MRMR- Open Mobile Touch Protocol
Its an app that gives the ability to connect with installation sensors like audio video equipment, allowing you to control interactive art pieces from your phone. Its Max/MSP

Jacob Pierzchala and Chris Carter

Rob Petit
They are the work of new media artist Rob Petit, who first began experimenting with mobile phones as an art medium a year to two ago.

Cell Phone Artist At Work
Artist Brett Rogers has created more than 60 images on his cell phone by using a drawing pad application. Rogers tells KCCI's Steve Karlin that it is a great way for artists to practice but no one knows about it.

The famous NDS game ! New Super Mario Bros !
Now, bring the game into your cell phone !!!

Great Winterboard Theme for iPhone
– illumine