Useful Resources
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Links to Useful Resources

Smashing Magazine
Adobe Mobile and Device Developer

HTML 5 Canvas 5 Tutorials

Making smooth animation in JS

Illustrator to Canvas Plugin
To install download the plugin and copy it to the Illustrator>Plugins>Tools folder and restart Illustrator. To export to canvas, create a vector image and select File>Export in Illustrator and select Canvas in the menu.

Interface Issues:
Design Patterns
Yahoo Dev. Network Design Patterns
Slodive 15 Mobile Web Design Tutorials
W3C Mobile Web Best Practices

iOS interface guidelines
Apple's Human Inteface Principles
10 Tips for iPhone Wed Development

Designing Mobile Interfaces in PhotoShop

iPhone Development:

Photoshop template for IPhone Interface

iPhone GUI Kits

surgeworksMobile iPhone Prototyping

Designing an iPhone app

Mobile Web
XHTML Mobile Website Templates
XHTML Mobile Profile
CSS Tricks
Ten more CSS tricks you may not know

Canvas Links
Mozilla Developer Center

Mobilize, Don't Miniaturize

Responsive Design

1) Yiibu's 'Rethinking the Mobile Web - slideshow on responsive design and the approach to designing for mobile spaces

2) Creative Implementation of Media Queries - check out the demo mostly
demo :
tutorial :

Code Validation
mobiForge API

Free online Computer Books
Safari Books Online

Sites with iPhone Apps
Blue Munster

Cell Phone Art

see the list of cell phone art projects...

Mobile Brand, OS and Browser Research

see the research on mobile device brands and operating systems

see the research on mobile browsers

HTML5, Javascript and Canvas Examples

Save and Restore States

Canvas Animation

Drawing a Directional Arrow

Pie Chart in HTML5

2-Way Background Images

Basic animation

Snake game

Spiral Text


Background Color

Smiley Face

Martin Fractal