ARTC 4430 Adv. Interactive Art Exercises
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Exercise 1

Find two creative web app results:

Marsha Berning:
* Happy Dangy DIggy
James Blanton:
Raindrop Melody Maker
* Yoritsuki
Chris Carter:
Digital Lotus
Mandala Live Wallpaper
Jesse Coder:
Plants Vs. Zombies
Dominique Cummings:
* SpamRecycling: Recycle spam emails into unique pieces of visual art
Divvr: Draw Online With Stylish Brushes
Ronnie Hill:
Random Thoughts
Bermuda Triangle Puzzle
Richard Kuespert:
Fruit Ninja
Pirate Mysteries HD
Wes Lauka:
Leaf Jam (not web app)
Tap Counter
Brandon Moore:
Carbon Footprint Calculator
TestiPhone Simulator
Rachel Pratt:
* Happy Dangy Diggy
* Yoritsuki
Greg Ramsey:
* SpamRecycling
Michelle Rucker:
Cut the Rope (lite)
Richard Strickland:
Record Makers
Paul Woidke:
Endgadget Mobile
ESPN Mobile
Jacob Pierzchala:
Is this Art?
* SpamRecycling

Exercise: Find 2 creative iPhone web apps

Sites to search or find your own: