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Traditional Animation Books:
Apple Pro Training Series: Motion 3 by Damian Allen
How did they do that?: Motion Graphics by David Greene
Motion Graphic Design & Fine Art Animation: principles and practice by Jon S. Krasner

Links to Useful Web Tutorials

Making 3D Text - CreativeCow
Motion Templates 101 - CreativeCow
Creating a Hologram - CreativeCow
Painting with Motion - CreativeCow
Motion and Midi

Motion Graphics WebSites

→ Motion Graphic Served
→ Motion Loops
→ Squido Motion Graphics Forum/Blogt:
→ Vimeo Motion graphic Channel:

Realtime Interactive Performance WebSites

The project I was thinking of is called "Living Cinema" and is a collaboration between composer Bob Ostertag and artist Pierre Hebert. The specific piece I've seen (thought there are others) is called "Between Science and Garbage" in which they create a live sequence of animations with EA music using materials gathered immediately before each performance. This piece is available in its full form on DVD, but there are a couple excerpts on YouTube. They seem to be taken from the middle of the video, but they get the point across. I've provided the link below. Even if it's too late to add this to whatever list Ben makes, I think it would be cool to share this in class if we have time.

Living Cinema

Brandon Moore Research

Knee deep interactive installation

Integrates green screen and camera to allow the viewer to be in the art piece.  Green screen is definitely a technology we can utilize in class.

Big Ideas (dont get any).

Great use of sound effects created by the objects in the video.  Not sure but it may be an installation if not just a video.

Night Lights

Projections on Auckland Ferry Building created a playground for the viewers to be part of the performance.

Interaction in 3 ways: -body interaction on the two stages

                                       -hand interaction above a light table

                                       -and phone interaction with the tracking of waving phones

Chase Greenlee

A video from Daft Punk’s “Alive 2007” tour, in which they utalise several light and pre-generated effects.

Jesse Coder


There is no information given about whether this is realtime audio with fixed visuals, fixed visual with realtime audio, or realtime audio and visual. If I had to guess by looking at it, I would say that the visuals are almost assuredly realtime, and the audio could easily go either way. I liked this one in particular because the visuals, in my opinion, fit the audio quite seamlessly.

This one is a bit different from the others. The audio, rather than being some type of music, is simply people talking while a stop motion camera picks up their movements and applies it to a realtime animation rig of a person. It's sort of an animated improvisation theatre approach, which I though was unique among a lot of the videos I saw.

This piece uses realtime visuals with an electronically modified didgeridoo. Because of the darkness of the room, I can't tell whether the didgeridoo audio is realtime or prerecorded. The thing I like about the visuals is that rather than using animation, it apparently uses a series of prerecorded clips and strings them all together in realtime. I thought the visuals were fairly interesting, but my main problem with this one is that it is too long. The clips felt repetitive after the first few minutes.

Alex Beat
This visual representation shows a style of abstraction I enjoy in it's simple black and white colors as well as it's use of 3-D space instead of  strictly 2-D plane. The audio is well connected with the visuals in timing and with theme.
The performance is an interesting interactive piece where the lines painted on the screen reflect the pitch in the person's voice. I like this idea of using interactive performance and also the flexibility of what becomes projected on the screen.  I feel I want to do something similar with the line quality and the abstract nature of this yet still have imagery as well to make it more narrative.

Danny Rings

Josh Treiber

Kurt Portoarrero

Rachel Pratt

My example of real-time performance is both visual and audio. Kseniya Simonava, of Ukraine, does real-time “sandpainting” animation.

Cady Williams

This video includes visuals that are shown in time with a live musical performance. It has a performance that included visuals up on screen, but it also had some image work done on it after it was recorded.

Tyler Bertrand

Realtime Performance URLS

Chris Koelsch


Free Audio

Sound Effects
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Igloo Reel
Sebastien Ingenfeld's Demo Reel
Martin Aguilera
El Anejo
Weeds Logo Animation

TED Talks