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Full Screen Mode - F8

Gradients and Outlines

Must make a shape first (this creates a layer) and then drag the gradient to the shape on the canvas or layer tab

In the Inspector:
Fill - on/off
Fill Mode - you can change between Gradient and Color
Gradient - Can change the Gradient by pulling down the menu on the right
Feather - soften the outside edges

Custom Gradient:
Open the Arrow to the left of the word Gradient
Select a box under the gradient then adjust the color
Opacity - transparency
Interpolation - how it changes from one color to the other
Location - moves the selected color to another location in the gradient
Type - Linear or Radial
Start and End - allows you to create a diagonal gradient


Outline - on/off
Brush Type: solid, airbrush, image
Brush Color - select a color
Brush Opacity - transparency
Brush Source -
Width - size of brush
Spacing - gaps in the brush
Additive Blend - on/off - lets you see the other strokes
Reverse Stacking - on/off reverses how the strokes are stacked
Play Frames - if you are using animation
Random Start Frame - on/off - randomly selects where it starts
First and Last Point Offset - lets you set the start point of the stroke (can be animated)
Order - determines whether the outline is over or under the fill

For Solid Outlines:
Joint - the vertices of the outline can be round, beveled or square
Start and End Cap - with the First Point Offset more than 0% you can see how this is effected (choose an option)

For Image:
Image Source - Drag a small simple image you have created in Photoshop into the layer below the shape. Then drag it to the Brush Source box in the Inspector for the shape. Change Spacing to see how the outline is effected.

Layer Tab

On Column
Can check to turn on or off

Status Column
The icon to the right of the group or layer will specify if its a 2D or 3D layer
The padlock will lock or unlock the layer

Little Greater than Arrow to the right
Preview - icon view
Opacity - can change group or layer opacity
Blend - can change blend modes (little arrows)