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Preparation for the Meet and Greet

8 Teams Total:

5 teams of 2 art students and 1 music student
3 teams of 1 art student and 1 music student

5 Art students find a partner

Speed Meetings: We will only have 3 minutes each to ask the music students questions that will help you decide who you might want as a partner.

Formulate questions:
Think about what questions you want to ask the music students.


Basics of Behaviors:

Can apply behaviors to cameras, lights, layers, or groups
Can add behaviors to properties in a project
You can customize behavior parameters in the HUD or in the Behaviors tab of the Inspector
Behaviors can be combined with one another
Can use behaviors to create interactive animations
Behaviors can be applied to particles
Tracking behaviors first analyze the object's motion then apply the effect (stablizing video, following the motion, etc.)
Behaviors do not add keyframes to an object

Types of Behaviors:

Audio behaviors
Basic Motion behaviors
Camera behaviors
Motion Tracking behaviors
Parameter behaviors
Particles behaviors
Retiming behaviors
Shape behaviors
Simulation behaviors
Text behaviors

Adjusting Parameter of the Behaviors:

The HUD:
Contains a subset of the available parameter
Sometimes the parameters can be adjusted graphically

The Inspector:
Contains the full set of parameters
There are parameters and values for each parameter

Behavior Investigation:

Each student will work in a group of two and each group gets 3 behaviors and needs to read about what all the parameters do in the help menu (starting on page 409).

The groups get one half hour to investigate what each behavior does and what the parameters and values mean. Each group will do a 5 minute presentation to the class explaining the behavior.

Group 1: Basic Motion
Fade In/Fade Out
Motion Path

Group 2: Basic Motion
Point At
Snap Alignment to Motion

Group 3: Basic Motion / Shape
Apply Pen Pressure

Group 4: Shape
Apply Pen Speed
Apply Pen Tilt
Oscillate Shape

Group 5: Shape
Randomize Shape
Sequence Paint
Wriggle Shape

Group 6:Shape/Audio
Write On
Audio Auto Pan
Audio Fade In/Fade Out