Course notes
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To add a ruler:

Command Shift R

To add a guide:

With the selection tool (S) drag one out of the ruler

To remove a guides:

Drag the guide off theCanvas


Working with Movies (this works with Groups and other imported things):

Make sure the movies and all media are stored on your local drive - never import over the web.

1. Find movie in the File Browser and drag to canvas

2. Hide the Project and Timing Panes

To play back only a portion of the movie:

1. In mini-timeline, adjust the In and Out Points

Change the playback head position by dragging in current Frame Field or dragging the head

Command Option I to set in and Command Option O to set Out point of the playback

Spacebar to play and stop

When dragging in objects to the canvas it places them where the playback head is

You can play the movie while dragging things in and it will place it at the start

Hit HOME to go back to start and select the layer and SHIFT [ to jump it back to the start

Option drag in the canvas to create another copy of the movie

Scale by pulling the circles on the corner

Option drag the circels to scale from the center

Shift scale to maintain proportions

Shift Option to center and proportionally scale

(Can do all this while playing realtime)

Open Project Pane - Media Tab to see we only have one movie in there

Make 3 of 4 copies of the movie

While still playing back, Click original movie and Add Behavior - Vortex

Click on various things to see the results in the HUD

HUD - menu select Vortex and adjust the strength

Add Behavior - Basic Motion - Throw

Hit the D key in the HUD to cycle beteeen the controls that are attached to the object

Shift D goes in reverse

Change Vortex strength


Add Filter - Color Correction - Colorize

Remap white to (pick color)

Select object

Add Filter - Glow - Dazzle

HUD Theshhold = 65


Select a layer and CTL S

Toggle it off and on

To RAM Preview (when your project is too complex to play back in realtime):

Mark menu- RAM Preview - All (or Play Range, or Selection)
To select an area to RAM preview: Option Command drag in the timeline

You may need to clear the memory if it does not let you RAM Preview too many frames:
Mark - RAM Preview - Clear RAM Preview

Rendering Layers

Project Pane - Layers Tab

Select a Group - File menu - export selection

Name it and Destination

After Export - Import into Project - Export

Deactivate or Delete the original group