Class Schedule - Spring 2009 - ARTC 433 - Bowling Green State University
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January Tentative Schedule Assigned: What is due
12 Mon

Introduction: syllabus, Flash interface, drawing tools, timeline, library, symbols, sprites

Assign. 1: Nucleus site

14 Wed

Flash internface continued, buttons, rollovers, animation, publishing



19 Mon

No School - Martin Luther King Day


21 Wed

Critique, creating classes, coding conventions,graphic drawing via code

Ex 1: Drawing API

Assign 1: Nucleus site

26 Mon

Drawing rect, circle, ellipse, roundrect, fill gradient, curves, clear(), variables, functions, loops, randomness


Assign 1: Revision of Nucleus
28 Wed

Listeners, buttons, text

2 Mon


Ex. 2: Graphics Application

Ex. 1: Drawing API

4 Wed

Controling user input, freestyle drawing, drawing attributes

  Ex. 1: Revision
9 Mon

Critique, adding assets to the stage

Ex. 3: Interaction and Assets

Ex. 2: Graphics Application

11 Wed

Importing and manipulating Movieclips and sprites, dragging movieclips, collision detection

Ex. 2: Revision
16 Mon


Ex. 4: Animation

Ex. 3: Interaction & Assets

18 Wed

user input, interface

  Ex. 3: Revision
23 Mon

Critique, Sound, publishing full screen, masks, scripting and frames, timers, date, playback

Ex 5: Extras & Flash Games

Ex. 4: User Input

25 Wed


Ex. 4: Revision
2 Mon

Review of gaming approaches

Assignment 2: Connect exercises to Nucleus

Presentation of Flash Games
Ex: 5: Extras

4 Wed


Assignment 2: Connect exercises to Nucleus
Ex. 5: Revision

9 Mon Spring Break  
11 Wed Spring Break  
16 Mon

Final concept development, gaming strategies

Final Assignment and
Final Proposal

18 Wed

Game ideas exchange


23 Mon

Proposal presentations


Final Proposal

25 Wed

Gaming Discussions 1, 2, 3

30 Mon

Gaming Discussions 4, 5, 6


Showcase of Assets

1 Wed


6 Mon



Showcase of Strategies

8 Wed

Gaming Discussions 7, 8

13 Mon



Showcase of Levels

15 Wed

Visual appeal and gaming

20 Mon

Critique - Review of game progress
Comment on and make suggestions about:

Visual Quality:
Interactivity and game play:
Functionality and technical:
Other suggestions:


Showcase of Functionality

Send email to each person you reviewed and CC

22 Wed Individual meetings    
27 Mon



Showcase of Working Prototype

29 Wed Individual meetings    
4 Mon

Final Critique at 6:00pm

Wed 6:00 - Final Nucleus with links to 5 exercises, final proposal and final project.


Due: Mon. May 4, 6:00pm -
Final Assignment on web and in homework folder

Due: Wed. May 6, 6:00pm -
Nucleus with all links